Guide: Using Mi Drop with Windows PC

Guide: Using Mi Drop with Windows PC

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on Guide: Using Mi Drop with Windows PC. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: Guide: Using Mi Drop with Windows PC

New to My Drop for PC? Maybe you have used My Drop for a while and plan how to use on your PC. Congratulations because this is your lucky day. In this post, we will explain more about Mi Drop and how to used on a Windows PC. From the beginning of technology, many applications have been used to transfer multiple files within a cell phones. Numerous applications are offered in the country that allow you to share files from it mobile phone or PC. One of the most popular applications is Mi Drop, which allows you to transfer files from PC to mobile phones.

File sharing has made it a backup. If you meet it, your PC will not. There are some apps that can only be transferred to the same device. My Drop is not so, because this application can connect to any device. My Drop is known as a file transfer application developed by Xiaomi. This app has experienced many changes and has already received many upgrades. This is one of the most popular apps when it comes to sharing files, photos or videos with other devices. This app also helps you share mobile devices to your PC or vice versa.

Use My Drop on Windows 10 PC or Laptop

  • Download and install My Drop from the Google Play Store if it is not already installed on your device. Xiaomi most phones running MIUI 9 or higher should have by default.
  • Connect it phone and your PC /Laptop to the same Wi-Fi network. My Drop uses Direct Wi-Fi for data transfer, and requires both host and end-to-end devices to connect to the same network.
  • Launch the My Drop app on your smartphone. Click Connect to Computer from the next screen and then select Start. Feel free to tinker around with just a few settings and refine them to your liking. You can even configure My Drop in such a way that it requires a password at all times.
  • Select one or both of the options presented, depending on what you want to back up up.
  • Make a note of the corresponding FTP address you received on the screen. You will need this to start the actual data transfer between your smartphone and PC.
  • Open a Windows Explorer tab on your PC by simultaneously pressing ‘Windows’ with the ‘E’ key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can open any folder on your PC /Laptop for the same effect.
  • Enter the FTP address in the Windows Explorer address bar at the top of the screen. You will now see the contents inside phone listed on your screen.
  • Select the content that is backed up to your PC. You can freely move between it phone and PC, as desired over a USB connection.
  • Click Stop button on mobile app once it is finished with data transfer.


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