Hack: How To Use Whatsapp Status Feature

Hack: How To Use Whatsapp Status Feature


WhatsApp status functions: Whatsapp has launched a highly anticipated feature that allows users to publish a new kind of status. This amazing WhatsApp status feature is mentioned WhatsApp stories It’s something like Snapchat stories.

With the introduction of this new WhatsApp status feature, a lot has changed in the WhatsApp Messenger app, including the placement ofCamera tabChat Conversations and status“. In general, WhatsApp’s full look has been updated and responses to WhatsApp have been mixed.

In addition, it’s clear that Whatsapp introduced this feature by considering its rival Snapchat’s growing popularity. Let’s see how WhatsApp status features are used and what new features the story features offer.


What are the new status functions of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a new status feature that allows users to upload pictures, videos or gifs when their status has been up for 24 hours.
You can also use the status to send photos, videos, and GIFs to share special moments during the day with friends and family.
With the introduction of this new function, the old status features have been removed from WhatsApp, Therefore, you can no longer set the normal text status. And I know that many people are very sad about not updating their WhatsApp status regularly.

How do I use the WhatsApp status functions?

I hope you know you understand exactly what Whatsapp’s new status feature is. And most of you will be wondering how to use it because sometimes it seems quite difficult. I will briefly explain all the steps below.
Steps to use WhatsApp new status features:
– First update your WhatsApp Messenger.
– Now open the app and click on “Status tab
– Click on the “+” symbol at the bottom right
– Now Upload a photo / video / GIF.
– That’s it! All of your contacts can now see your status.
– If you didn’t understand it, no problems! Now let me explain each step with pictures.

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WhatsApp new status function (1)

And at the end of this post, you can also see how people reacted to this new WhatsApp update.

Tips on WhatsApp status functions

Update your app

As this is a new feature, it is only available in the updated version of Whatsapp. So first of all you have to update your WhatsApp app.

You can do this by clicking the Refresh button in your app store.

In front Google Play Store | Apple store | Windows

Once your app has been updated, it’s time to open it up and see the magic.

Status tab

As mentioned above, the user interface was New WhatsApp Totally changed and the status area is no longer hidden. After opening the app, you will see the Status tab on the main screen.

Just go to the Status section by clicking on it or scrolling to the left.

In the Status section you can see the status that your contacts have uploaded like us.

+ Icon

You will see a green in the Status area “+” Symbol, bottom right.

WhatsApp status function

You can use this icon to upload your WhatsApp story. You need to click on it to update your story.

Upload story

When clicking on the “+” Icon, your camera starts and you can see it on the screen.

Below you can also see the photos from your gallery. However, you can set your own photo or video as WhatsApp status.

Take a picture: Tap the screen once.

To create a video story status: Press the red button at the bottom center of the screen.

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You can even change the camera settings for the front and back with the camera swap functions. After taking the photo / video, click the Send arrow. Now your contacts can see your story in their status area.

I hope you can enjoy this new WhatsApp status feature now. However, you must have some questions about it, e.g. B. whether you can change or delete your performance status. Let me give you a brief overview of other things related to the WhatsApp status feature.

How do I check who showed my status?

Another good feature is that you can see who has seen all of your status. And to check who saw your status:

  • Just go to status area
  • Tap on My status
  • Click on Eye type icon in the middle at the bottom of the screen.
  • That’s it! You can view a list of people who have seen your status.

How to remove Whatsapp status?

You can easily remove your status to show it to others.

  1. Go to the Status tab
  2. click on 3 points before my status
  3. Now, Hold it down the status you want to delete
  4. Just click on Confirm Clear and your status has disappeared!
WhatsApp status delete function

If you don’t delete, your stories will be created automatically disappears after 24 hours of your status.


Because of people’s reactions, we have learned many disadvantages of these new narrative features. Two of them are:

  1. The status disappears after 24 hours.
  2. simplicity has disappeared,


  1. You can now share your life more easily with your friends.
  2. Set privacy about who should show your status.
  3. You no longer need Snapchat ?
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How people answered

Everyone hasn’t really enjoyed this new WhatsApp story feature. The best thing about WhatsApp was actually the simplicity and with this function it has become more of a social media than a messenger app. Let’s see how People answered about the new features of WhatsApp on Twitter.

WhatsApp response to new features
Answer to the new WhatsApp function 3
WhatsApp new feature answer 2

Reason for this new WhatsApp function

We all know that Snapchat is growing fast, and to compete with it, Whatsapp has introduced a similar story feature. It seems that WhatsApp is trying very hard to kill the growing app by implementing similar functions. First, she has published Instagram stories and now WhatsApp stories. Let’s see if this function is fun in the long run or uses other apps like the telegram.

Another benefit is that WhatsApp has billions of users more than Snapchat, so this new feature has a larger audience than Snapchat for each message.

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