Hide disk drive windows 8.1 using Cmd

Hide disk drive windows 8.1 using Cmd


Hide Windows drive window 8.1– This is a very useful Windows cmd trick. As you understand, cmd is a powerful command line interpreter for Windows operating system environments that can perform many tasks easily without using third party software. There are a variety of cmd methods on the Internet today.

Note. The trick also works on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Hide local drive partitions with cmd ♦

As you know today, data protection is the primary concern of every individual. It is coming First There are many ways to protect privacy in windows. There is a wide range of third-party software available to protect our privacy from unauthorized users

Nobody needs the headache of installing third party software. Much of this software consists of dozens and viruses that can lose your privacy information and more. So I don’t compromise with this software. Microsoft Windows offers the many hidden functions with its powerful command prompt (cmd). Today I’m going to discuss one of the many hidden functions of windows. With this trick you can cover a simple partition (drive) of windows with simple steps.

Steps to hide Windows 8 using Cmd⇓

Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions below ->

Step 1. First, open the cmd window to search and enter cmd

step 2. Now in cmd type DiskpartNow Windows is asking you for permission, just let it open.Hide volume cmd (7)

Or You can use them directly Diskpart Command by simply pressing Windows + R. Key and In Run window type Diskpart and press Enter.

Hide volume cmd (8)

Step 3. Now a new command shell is opened. So just sort them List volume and press Enter.

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Hide volume cmd (2)

Step 4. Use the command for this step Select volume G. (here G is the volume you need to hide)

♦ The message is now displayed on the screen. “Volume 3 is the selected volumeHide volume cmd (4)

Step 5. Now use the command Remove the letter G. and press Enter |Hide volume cmd (3)

That is all, now your G drive is hidden

Step 6. Now go to my computer and check it.

Hide volume cmd (1)

If you want to show the drive, use the following step ⇓

Use the following commands to unhide the drive

  1. Diskpart
  2. List volumes
  3. Choose volume 3
  4. Assign letter G.

Hide volume cmd (5)

  • Now go to my computer (win + E) and you can see that your drive was successfully hidden.

So mates, that’s how we are Hide the Windows 8 hard drive with cmd. If you have any problems with this trick, comment in the comment section
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