How A Chromebook Is Different To A Windows

How A Chromebook Is Different To A Windows

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Guide: How A Chromebook Is Different To A Windows

A Chromebook is a laptop computer that runs Chrome OS, Google’s Linux-based operating system that is lightweight and designed to work on a range of devices. While most people think of a laptop as one that runs Windows or Mac OS, it’s better to think of a Chromebook as one that runs Chrome OS. There are, however, certain distinctions between a Chromebook and a Windows laptop.

Since its introduction ten years ago, Chromebooks have gone a long way. Not only has the hardware improved, but the Chrome operating system has also been updated, transforming the experience from a browser-based operating system to one that can run Android and Linux programmes. Chromebooks have grown in popularity over time, with machines running Google’s operating system outselling Macs last year.Chrome OS, unlike Windows and macOS, is centred on the Chrome web browser, which is where the majority of the action takes place. If you’re thinking about buying a Chromebook, keep in mind that it’s reliant on the Chrome browser, which means you’ll need an internet connection to get work done. There are offline apps for Chromebooks, but they aren’t comparable to ones developed for Windows laptops in terms of usefulness.Windows (or macOS) laptops are designed to run programmes and apps that are mostly used offline. These programmes can include work-related software, document editing software, video editing software, and even video games. There are also internet browsers available, as well as compatibility for running Android apps on Windows.

Is A Chromebook Or Laptop Best?

Buying a device mostly depends on needs, and this applies to whether a Chromebook or Laptop is best for an individual user. For tasks that can be done within a browser, such as sending emails, editing a document, typing a blog post, writing assignments, online learning, video/voice meetings, or even playing games over the internet, a Chromebook is going to be sufficient. Chromebooks are also great devices for those on a tight budget or require an inexpensive device as a backup. Great battery life is also a common feature of a Chromebook and it is not uncommon to find even those priced between $200 and $300 boasting daily battery usage that crosses ten hours. This makes Chromebooks a great option for students in general.

However, for those often using special software or programs for work that do not need an internet connection and require more processing power, or those in need of a large amount of local storage on their device, then a laptop is likely to be the better option. While all of the tasks a Chromebook can handle can also be performed by a laptop, the entry barrier for a good laptop is higher than that of a Chromebook. This is particularly the case if in need of a 2-in-1 form factor or longer battery life, features that are commonly available even on budget Chromebooks.


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