BECOME A SEO CONSULTANT/EXPERT -SEO means optimizing our website according to requirements of search engine so as we get some more traffic on our website from the search engines like google, bing, etc. There are lots of factors that are analyzed while doing SEO of your website. We should make our website Google friendly so as Google loves our site and send more traffic to our website. The result of this our online business is growing rapidly.

I suggest you take a weekend, review all of the resources and strategies mentioned, and get started to be an SEO consultant. For practice start doing SEO on your website, so that you can feel the process and learn about the effects of SEO.


The goal is to rank your client’s (or your own) websites as highly as possible in Google for specific keywords.Some of the skills required by SEO consultant are as follows:

Web design/Graphic design

Web development

. Keyword Research

. Competitive Analysis

. Online advertising

. Business marketing

. Link Building


Following are the two main type of SEO:

 1: On Page SEO

On the page, SEO  is carried on the page of your websites. There are lots of factors present in the On Page SEO like meta description, heading tags, alt tags, Targeted keywords. With these factors, we are going to do on page SEO of your website that helps us to grow your online presence.

 2: Off-page SEO

Along with on page SEO, off page SEO is also vital. Both parts are necessary if we are not doing one of the SEO correctly then we lost the whole cycle because they are dependent on each other. Off page, Off means SEO that carried out on your website.

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I hope you understand correctly what exactly SEO is.


So now let me tell how you will learn SEO on your own. For that, I simply recommend you the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, or you can also see our other posts related to SEO. This guide will let you know about the scenario that what Google itself says about how to optimize the content, measure the outcome and organize your website.

You can also subscribe to the e-mail newsletters of the SEOs mentors and some online publications. Some of the publications contain articles written by Seo leaders who get you updated on a daily basis. Don’t matter how experienced you are; my recommendation is simple to be updated through online publications, never stops learning and practicing which will make you SEO expert. They will let you know about some of the latest happening in the market of SEO before anyone else. There are also some helpful blogs that will help you in gaining knowledge about SEO. You want to attention on blogs that offer a variety of SEO suggestions and recommendation, particularly those written by the  SEOs experts that are regularly acting research and uncovering new great practices for the  SEO sector.

You will also need to get familiar with numbers and metrics.  Figures and metrics are your key features to becoming a search engine optimization professional and expertise how people behave on your website, what will hold them, and how your search engine optimization efforts are impacting your average business achievement.  Google Analytics is the initial point of revealing many valuable website facts, so take care of it. Don’t forget to learn the skills mentioned above required for becoming SEO expert.

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This is the guidelines about HOW TO BECOME A SEO CONSULTANT/EXPERT. You can learn many of the things about SEO from this SEO blog. For more SEO blogs keep in touch with us and for any assistance contact us.









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