How to block Ad tracking on your iPhone

How to block Ad tracking on your iPhone

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Guide: How to block Ad tracking on your iPhone

In a Washington Post piece published in 2019, Geoffrey Fowler revealed his surprise at discovering how many of his iPhone applications were gathering and uploading data about his use while he was asleep.

Data, as we all know, is a valuable commodity these days. You are paying for your applications by providing the business with marketing information and more available to supply them if you use a phone, laptop, or any computing device (unless you are a high-level security enthusiast or hacker with access to advanced blocking tools). iPhone owners are not immune to it, as Fowler’s article proved. Apple has made some notable adjustments to its privacy policy since he published his post. However, taking responsibility for your own data is still a smart idea. There are a few basic steps that application providers can take to reduce the amount of monitoring they can do and the quantity of data they can access.

Contextual data, such as information about your device, your location, your App Store searches, and what you read in Apple News, could be gathered, according to Apple’s Advertising and Privacy page: Turning off personalised and location-based adverts can help you get around this.

“Apple’s advertising platform does not track you, which means it does not combine user or device data acquired from our apps with third-party user or device data for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes, and it does not share user or device data with data brokers.”

Turn off Personalized Ads

  •  Select your app from Settings, tap Privacy, scroll down and select Apple Advertising (it’s at the bottom of the list). Disable “personalized ads”.
  • You can opt out of receiving personalized advertising from Apple. You can also disable location services
  • You can also disable location services.

Turn off Location Based Ads

  • Go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services (at the top of the screen). Disable “Location Services”.
  • You can also change several of your applications on this page, p. Eg B. the App Store or Maps to never allow access to the location, the next time you ask or while using the application.
  • Also note that you can still use the Find My Items feature.
  • This will activate location services temporarily. If you want to see how effectively your phone is protected, you can take the Panopticlick test offered by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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