How To Change Color Of Skin using Photoshop

How To Change Color Of Skin using Photoshop

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Change Color Of Skin using Photoshop. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Change Color Of Skin using Photoshop

With Adobe Photoshop on your PC, it is very easy to change or change someone’s color in a digital image. The partnership uses some of the most important selection and color change tools, and is a great way to make a fellow patient look ill or reduce very strong effects, sometimes even orange, makeup.

This tutorial exercise will work admirably on most versions of Photoshop for macOS and Windows, including Creative Suite (CS) and Creative Cloud (CC) cycles. This guide It can also be fully integrated with free image editing projects such as GIMP.

For this guide , I will use this image of President Trump for example, which is now Photoshopped from this image (for absolute truth).

Focus on Color Only

  • Making changes to the skin can have strange effects on the rest of the photo if you do not first separate the skin. Use the Lasso tool or one of the alternative tools in the toolkit to process the skin you want to change.
  • To create multiple lassos, hold down the Shift key after completing each lasso. In most cases, you will want to use a sufficient amount – which is in the Options bar – so color change is not unexpected.
  • The appropriate frame size can vary from 2 to 4 pixels per 50K file with a small resolution up to 60 or 80 pixels for higher resolution.

Selectively Match Skin Color

  • Another way to adjust the skin tone in Photoshop is to select the area of ​​skin you want to change and then click either the “Selected Color” icon in the Adjustments section or select “Selected Color” from the pop-up menu on the panel. This will add a level of refinement to the document.
  • Select “Reds” or “Neutrals” from the color list and then drag the color slides as needed to make the changes you want. Moving the Magenta to the left causes the color to decrease Pink, for example, while pulling to the right increases Pinkness. Even with feathers, a slight change in color can seem awkward around the edge of the lasso.
  • If this happens, reduce the opacity layer in the Layers panel, starting around 80 percent.

Photoshop Ara Kun

  • To add new color to an image, select “Layer Duplicate” from the Photoshop Layer menu. Find another image with the color you want to open that image in Photoshop.
  • Use the Eyedropper Tool to select the color and then use the Paintbrush application to paint that color on the skin you want to change. When painting is complete, change the Custom Layer from “Normal” in the Layers Panel to “Soft Light” or “Overlay” to blend skin tones.
  • Reduce opacity as needed by dragging the sliding “apacity” to the left. This technique can do wonders for adding a darker color or making a lighter darker color.

Image Restoration Technologies

  • If you click “Adjustments” under the Photoshop Image menu, you will find a few more handy tools for changing tone. First create a copy of your photo and use the selection tool to select the skin.
  • Then, use the Light / Light options to lighten or darken the skin. Curves selection can do the same thing for a more subtle effect.
  • Drag the slides in the Levels or Hue / Saturation option to make subtle changes to the skin. As with any of these options, the size to which you draw the slides depends on the photo and the effect you want.
  • Remember to adjust the unexpected layer to merge the changes into the original layer so that your image does not look like an over-the-top image.


Guide about How To Change Color Of Skin using Photoshop

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