How To Change Default Gmail Account

How To Change Default Gmail Account

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Guide: How To Change Default Gmail Account

When Google’s mail service launched back in 2004, few would have thought it would be one of the best free email services. People are happy using Hotmail (aka Outlook), but Google eventually proved itself to be a worthy competitor in the field of email. In retrospect, it is a clear transfer for Google now that we have Google Drive, Android, ChromeOS and many other applications in the Google ecosystem. Gmail is the beginning of it all, and it has come a long way since its inception.

With over one billion users, Gmail is known for having free email accounts, be it email or logs for events. You can set up AppleID account with Gmail, or even send wedding emails to a mailbox, and more. If you are a new Gmail user, sign up up Simple process – just include a full name, date of birth, and a name for the email address. It’s easy enough, but the challenge is to get one free email through the existing 1.5 billion accounts. When it comes to access on the web, Gmail has a simple interface, supported by Google’s ‘Material’ design mantra, which runs on Android, ChromeOS, and the rest of your web applications.

Even though Google included features such as the ‘focus box’ and Google Drive’s excellent integration for sending large attachments, it makes the design minimal, so it’s also easy to access, check mailboxes, and out. However, we see this feature a bit capricious and want to leave Switched off.

New service, new lifestyle guide, new specialty – circumstances change, and sometimes that means a Gmail account needs to become your first priority. That’s enough time to change your default Google account and therefore want one more than the other you have. That way, you will see those emails first, but you will be able to switch to other linked accounts whenever you want.

Luckily, it is very easy to set up up new default account on your device (but you will need to know all your login for the process to go smoothly, so make sure to check them twice before logging in). It should take a few minutes to complete. Here it is how to do you.

How to Change Default Google Account

Most passwords used to be messy, but now it’s more confusing than ever. Thus, you can view the content of your other accounts while accessing one. But you cannot use some Google tools from two accounts at a time (for example Google Drive) unless you select one special.

Google debuted on the first account you logged in with. This is a rule you will always find in practice. The Google menu at the top right also suggests a default account when using multiple login. So, the solution is to set up a default Gmail or a Google account:

  • Go to any Google site login page in a non-incognito window.
  • Exit all your Google Accounts. Select your profile picture at the top right and then click Log out of the menu.
  • Go to and log in with the account you want to set as default account. Remember, the first account you log in to becomes always the default. Test this by logging into any other Google service (such as Google Drive) and see for yourself.
  • After logging in to your default account, you can log in to any other Google account and switch between them.
  • Again, select your profile picture from the top-right. On the menu, select Add Account. Use your credentials to access the account you want to use.


Guide about How To Change Default Gmail Account

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How To Change Default Gmail Account
How To Change Default Gmail Account
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