How To Create CSV File

How To Create CSV File

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Guide: How To Create CSV File

Comma Separation Files (CSV) files are simple versions of a spreadsheet type created with Excel and similar software. However, if you are trying to share data with people who use different systems or programs, the CSV format is a great advantage because most programs can easily read. In short, CSV files do what the name suggests: they have values ​​on a line separated by commas (which refer to columns), and different lines appear on different lines. You can create a CSV file using programs such as Excel, Google Sheets, and OpenOffice Calc, as well as simple text instructions such as Notepad.

In the accounting system, such as Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets.

If you are working on data in tabular form, such as a spreadsheet, you may want to save it as a CSV (read about why programs use CSV here!). In this case, you do not need to do anything with the data itself. Instead, simply use “Save as” and the “.CSV” option (as you would if you wanted to save to “.XLS” or “.TXT” etc.). This will save your file in CSV format. Alternatively, you can also use the “Export to” or “Download” and “.CSV” options to do the same, to save the file to your computer in CSV format.

Because the data is already tabular, by selecting the “CSV” option, it tells the program to separate the data columns by commas, and it does so automatically.

Using word editor settings (such as Notepad or Edit Word, etc.)

While not uncommon, you may work with a small amount of data and want to have it set up in a text editing program. This is divided into two steps:

Make sure you use commas to organize your data in the text editor (each icon will represent a new “page” of data, if you imagine it in tabular form

Again use “Save as” to select “CSV” from the list of options. Depending on the program you are using, you may have to type in the exact extension in your file name, such as “File.CSV”, or simply save it as “plain text file”. When you open this plain text in the county program, you will see it in tabular form like this

For those who create CSVs from applications

This can be the simplest of all methods. It is also very common if you are using CSV files to import data into / out of apps. If you want to extract a CSV from the application you used, it is very likely that this is already the default way to extract the data – otherwise, you should have the option to select from the list of options.

If you are stuck with an app or program that does not give you the option to save and / or export to CSV, you may be stuck with additional steps or third-party tools to convert the file type to CSV instead. More on that in the next section!


Guide about How To Create CSV File

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How To Create CSV File
How To Create CSV File
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