How To Customize Apple ID

How To Customize Apple ID

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Guide: How To Customize Apple ID

Regardless of whether you lost your iPhone, or failed to remember your Apple ID and password, there are many incentives to change your Apple ID. You should check your privacy, or maybe you just need to use another email address for everything we plan. Regardless of your motives, this is a way to track your Apple ID, change it, and make another one from your iPhone.

Important steps before changing your Apple ID

  • Before you can change your Apple ID on your iPhone, you must log out of all your login credentials using that Apple ID. This includes your iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple HomePod, among others. Stay logged on your iPhone.
  • Once you have changed your Apple ID, you will need to log in to all your devices using your new ID.
  • If your Apple ID is an Apple email address (@, @, or @, you will need to change your Apple ID online at You can only switch to other fake emails of your Apple ID email address in your account.

How to change your Apple ID on iPhone

Here are the steps you will need to change your Apple ID through your iPhone settings.

  • Tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap your name, which appears near the top of your screen (you should say Apple ID under your name).
  • Select Name, Phone Numbers, Email.
  • Where it says Reachable In, click the blue Edit button.
  • A red minus icon will appear next to your Apple ID. Tap the red arrow.
  • A screen will pop up up where you can select Cancel or Continue. Select Continue.
  • You will get a screen where you can enter an email address. This email address will be your new Apple ID.
  • Find the confirmation email at the new email address. You will need to confirm the email to complete the change in your Apple ID.


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