How To Delete an Account

How To Delete an Account

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Guide: How To Delete an Account

Is your family tree like a seedling on Can’t find information about your ancestors, regardless of the number of records available in the database or how many other Ancestry users asked for help? Okay, you can do two different things about it. There are several reasons why you might want to delete your Fathers account among them all is email spamming by the company.

Meanwhile, Ancestry is an online family history and story recording company that maintains a website that allows registered family members to post or publish related information so that they can track or find relevant information. in relation to their family attitudes. The website lets your users create and edit account information, update your information on the website, a website will be available and track your family history and display it on your dashboard.

If you have subscribed to Lineage Games Services, you can cancel and return to the Visitor account. It will not give you any money, but you will not be able to use some of the websites features. Or, if you are convinced that you want to leave for good, you can delete your account completely. We will show you how to do both, including everything you need to know before going with one.

Deleting Your Location Account: Step-by-Step

  • These screenshots were taken directly from the ‘Deleting Your Location Account’ page on
  • Go to, and log in to your family account with your email and password.
  • It will list the subscriptions that will be deleted with your account. Check the box.
  • It will list the trees (s) that will be deleted with your account. Check the box.
  • Then, it will confirm that your DNA test results will be deleted. Check the boxes and click ‘Next Step’.
  • Next, in the pop up box, click ‘Next Step’.
  • This will be a relief to deleting your account. After that, you will not be able to access your account or restore the deletion, and all personal data will be deleted within 30 days.
  • Do not close the box, as you will need to enter a verification code from your email.
  • Open your email in a new tab, where you will find an email with a verification code.
  • The code expires after eight hours, so it is best to proceed with the process immediately. Copy the code.
  • Paste the code into the check box and click ‘Delete your account.’
  • You will get it final email confirming the deletion of your account.


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How To Delete an Account
How To Delete an Account
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