How To Delete History of your Life360

How To Delete History of your Life360

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Guide: How To Delete History of your Life360

Since its release for Android in 2008 (and the next release for iOS in 2011), location tracking software such as Life360 has become very popular. But with added security for our parents there is a huge burden for children tracked by the software. But is there anything you can do to hide your actions from prying eyes? Life360 is a great tool for keeping tabs on family members. Even the free version offers a lot of benefits features. In this article, we will discuss Life360 acquisition and history.

Life360, which is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, allows you to create a private social network with members of your family, called Circle. Once you have joined a Circle, all members can see your location and know where you are. You can also set up location alarms that will alert you when a member of your Circle arrives or leaves a location.

How to Delete Your Life360 Account

Disadvantages of using Life360

Giving this information a big problem: the app shows its location to other members of your group (or Circle) as long as the status sharing is on. This can be a huge inconvenience as Life360 does not always work as intended. Extremely protective parents have the ability to look after their children to the point of feeling overwhelmed, whether that is the first time or not. The fact that the organizers of the service have publicly declared that it is impossible to erase even a part of history makes it even worse.

In time, if you have a free version of this application, the status and driver data will be deleted after three days. But what if three days is not enough? What if your parents pay for your phone Application in full? You will be happy to understand that it is still possible to work on this, but only up to a point.

To start with the app quirks from above, we recommend talking to other Circle members about your Life360 project first. This application can make life worse if you use it. On the other hand, your parents may be doing this for your own good because you do not know when it will be appropriate unless they are very old.

Deactivation of distribution area

  • Click Settings in the lower right corner
  • In Circle Switcher, select the Circle with which you want to stop the setting
  • Touch Report.
  • Pa a.


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