How to Download Whole WikiPedia Offline

How to Download Whole WikiPedia Offline

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Guide: How to Download Whole WikiPedia Offline

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Wikipedia is the world’s largest encyclopedia with a free, multilingual, web-based encyclopedia published in collaboration with the support of the Wikimedia Foundation, which does not generate income.

Wikipedia’s 30 million articles in 287 languages, along with more than 4.3 million within English Wikipedia, are written by volunteers from around the world.

Wikipedia is the sixth most visited website in the world according to alexa rank .

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Wikipedia is known for its light and small web page size. Even once you search for a thing on Google or any xyz search engine, the top result will be WIKIPEDIA most often.

However, you want the Web to use Wikipedia and I agree that most of you have the Internet these days, however what if somewhere you want Wikipedia and you can’t find the Internet near you?

So is there an answer for this?

Sure, the re is the answer. Now you don’t want the Internet to use WIKIPEDIA and for this you simply need to download a software known as KIWIX.

What is KIWIX?

Well, KIWIX is an offline reader for web content that made Wikipedia available offline, that is, accessing Wikipedia without using the internet.

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Kiwix allows you to have all the WIKIPEDIA at hand wherever you go…! On a ship, in the middle of nowhere or in jail, KIWIX gives you access to all human information. you don’t want internet, everything is saved on your PC, USB flash drive or DVD! KIWIX has simply compressed millions of WIKIPEDIA pages into small packages.

Kiwix is ​​quite easy to use and has many options, few are

  1. Full textual content search engine
  2. Bookmarks and Notes
  3. HTTP server
  4. PDF / HTML export
  5. User interface in more than 100 languages
  6. Tabbed browsing
  7. Integrated content manager and downloader

KIWIX is mainly available for each WINDOWS, MAC, LINUX operating system. You can browse KIWIX in the reWIKIPEDIA PAGE . Right here you will notice one Button called “Download WIKIPEDIA”.

wikipedia offline 02

You simply need to click Download Wikipedia Button and it will automatically download all Wikipedia and you should use it anywhere without the need for internet. Of course, it will be some GB. So just get as soon as and enjoy WIKIPEDIA offline version.


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