How to edit workouts In Apple Watch

How to edit workouts In Apple Watch

If you’ve started training with the Apple Watch, you can look forward to your hard work in the Activity application on your iPhone. Here you will find all sorts of useful charts, maps and trends that show you how you are doing.

But what if you accidentally saved this workout? Or if you forgot to register for a training session? You can’t edit Apple Watch workouts on your watch or in the Activity app on your iPhone. Fortunately, however, there is still a way to correct the record. How to change Apple Watch training.

What happens to your Apple Watch training data?

If you want to change your workout history, it is helpful to understand exactly what happens to your data when you end a workout.

Depending on the type of training, your Apple Watch collects various statistics such as heart rate, speed and rhythm. Your route is also recorded for outdoor training such as running and cycling. Apple stores this data as a series of “rehearse, Each sample is a measure of something at a particular point in time. For example, your route map consists of a series of coordinate patterns that record your location at regular intervals.

When you have finished your training, these samples are grouped in batches and synchronized for storage on your iPhone HealthKit, iOS stores this encrypted database in a special folder Safe enclave, far from prying eyes. The reason for all this security is that HealthKit also stores all of your sensitive medical data.

You can manage your HealthKit data with the Apple Health App. So here you should check if you want to change your workouts.

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How to delete an Apple Watch workout

Deleting training sessions is easy. Open that health Application and go to the Summary Screen. (You may need to double tap the heart icon at the bottom of the screen to return to it.) Scroll down to training sessions and tap on it. You will face a lot of graphics, but ignore all of this. Instead, scroll down and press Show all dates,

Then you will see a long list of all the workouts you have saved. The blue clock symbol shows workouts that you have recorded with the integrated Apple function make exercises App. Simply slide your finger to the right during exercise Remove Button.

If you press Remove, you will be asked whether you want to delete the associated health data. This is a handy feature if you accidentally record daily activities as if it were a workout. For example, when I go to a store, my Apple Watch sometimes automatically detects a workout on foot. If you remove the training while keeping the associated health data, walking contributes to my activity rings, but is no longer displayed as training.

Deleting training sessions in the Health app is easy.
Photo: Graham Bower / Cult of Mac

How to change an Apple Watch workout

Machining training is possible, but more delicate. Return to the Health app Show all dates Click on the screen and locate the workout you want to change. Press on it to get it details View. At the top of this screen you will see Sample details and device details, Scroll through this to find one training examples, These contained energy (in calories), Heartbeat and (for certain types of training) Not and distance,

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If you tap on one of these sample types, a time-stamped list of all samples taken during the training is displayed. You can delete a pattern here if you want. For example, there may be an incorrect heart rate measurement that you know is only a problem and that spoils the average.

The only sample type that you can’t change in the Health app right now is your location coordinates. Probably because it would be too easy to forge your route card.

Did you forget to register for a training session? You can add it with the Health app

How to add a workout to the Activity app

For most of us, editing a workout is probably more complicated than it’s worth it. It is easier to delete a fish-rich workout and add a new one instead. Adding a workout manually couldn’t be easier. Go to the Health app Browse> Activity> Training and press Add data (top right). You can now select a training type, enter the start and end time, add calories and, for some training types, the distance.

This comes in handy when you exercise on a cardio machine in the gym, but forget to wear your Apple Watch. You can just type the details straight into the phone when you’re done.

Great power implies great responsibility

Calories entered manually this way contribute to your activity rings. So Apple trusts you a lot. Especially if you are taking an activity challenge with a friend.

But in the end, if you lie about your exercise activity, the only person you really cheat on is yourself.

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