How to enable Facebook two step verification

How to enable Facebook two step verification

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Guide: How to enable Facebook two step verification

How to enable Facebook two step verification

In this article, we discuss the trick like, How to enable Facebook Two-Step Verification Method like google, outlook, yahoo, and other services

Facebook launched two-step verification for Fb accounts, and this feature is named Fb “Login Approvals.” This can be a follow-up safety replacement regarding Facebook Login from Fb. The y’ve already built-in Fb login email alerts to get notification emails or SMS messages each time a suspicious person makes use of your Fb account from a different location.

However, that feature is not sufficient to ensure your account’s safety, and that’s the reason Facebook has launched “Login Approvals. “ This function could be very similar to Google 2-step verification, which associates a mobile device with your Fb account and authenticates the login by sending a verification code at your mobile phone device.

You possibly can set up Android, iPhone, sensible phones, or any secure mobile phone to receive the verification code. When you set up the secondary device for the Login Approvals, just be sure you by no means lose your device. In any other case, you’ll be unable to use your Fb account.

Follow the simple steps to set up Fb Login Approvals in your Fb account.

  1. Go to Account settings after logging in your account (click on the “Account” link from the right-hand top corner of your account page and then select “Account settings”).
  2. Under the Settings tab, scroll down to “Account security” and click on the “Change” link.
  3. Under the “Account security” option, allow the Login Approvals by selecting the verify field saying, “Require me to enter a safety code sent to my phone”. Note: before you proceed, You already have an activated mobile phone in your Fb account to get this to enable facebook two step verification
  4. An overlay box seems and simply click on the Next button. turn-on-login-approvals facebook
  5. The next step asks you to confirm the entry of your phone by sending a verification code to your secondary device or phone. Grab the verification code and press the Next button confirm-phone-entering-verification-code facebookafter entering the code. Though you may request a new verification code in the event, you did not receive it in your device or phone where you need to get it.
  6. As soon as Fb successfully recognizes the device, it should begin to send the authentication code every time you attempt to login to your Facebook account. Now, you’ll have to enter that code along with the username and password for every Facebook login. Otherwise, you won’t have the ability to login to your account.
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Caution: You all the time must have your device or phone that’s connected with your Fb account with you. In case you lose your device, you will lose your Fb account.

Fb Login Approvals ensures that if anyone manages to crack your Fb username and password, he’ll still need to pass the second stage of authentication by providing the code sent into your secondary device. As a result, he’ll fail to get into your account. So, all the time, keep your mobile or the device away from a 3rd-party for the safety of your Facebook account.

What will happens if you lose access to your phone?

Google’s 2-step verification process allows you to get back the access of your Google account by some unique methods in case if you lose your phone. They provide some printable number of authentication codes to back up in emergencies. Not like Google, Facebook has no such choice to get your Fb account again when you lose the entry of your phone.

Someday it happens that someone steals your phone or you forget that elsewhere – meaning you’ve lost your Fb account.

But there is a way to reaccess your account; if you lose the access of your phone, always open your account in the trusted browser and don’t clear the cache of that browser on your personal computer or laptop, alternate you can contact Facebook with govt—ID proof.


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