How To Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

How To Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

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Guide: How To Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

Wi-Fi passwords might be difficult to remember, but Windows 11 makes it simple to locate the passwords for all saved Wi-Fi networks on the computer. Windows 11 will be released in October 2021 for all eligible PCs, and it will include a number of incremental improvements over its predecessor, including as Android app integration, improved virtual desktop support for improved multitasking, official widget support, and more. The new operating system is now available to Windows 10 customers on eligible devices as a free update.

Most of the existing Windows 10 capabilities are also carried over, including the ability to find the passwords of all Wi-Fi networks the PC has previously connected to. On a Windows 11 PC, there are two ways to find out Wi-Fi passwords, and both methods work for private networks, public Wi-Fi, and mobile hotspots. While one approach is limited to the present Wi-Fi connection, the other can be used to obtain passwords for all Wi-Fi networks kept on the computer. Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 have comparable methods.

Find All Saved Wi-Fi Passwords Using Command Prompt

While the method mentioned above works perfectly for the active Wi-Fi connection, it doesn’t let users see the passwords for all Wi-Fi networks that the PC ever connected to. For that, users have to resort to the command line interface. To do that, firstly, open the Command Prompt in Admin mode by searching for ‘cmd’ in the Search Bar and then clicking on ‘Run as administrator.’ Next, type in netsh wlan show profile and hit Enter. This command will list all the Wi-Fi networks saved on that PC.

Now select the network whose password is needed, and then type the following command and hit Enter: netsh wlan show profile name=”xyz” key=clear. The password can now be seen under ‘Key Content.’ Do note that “xyz” needs to be replaced with the network’s name whose password the user is looking for. So if the network name is “OneWiFi,” the command should be netsh wlan show profile name=”OneWiFi” key=clear. This should help the user find the forgotten password for “OneWiFi” on their Windows 11 PC.


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