How To Fix ‘Audacity Error Opening Sound Device’ Issue

How To Fix ‘Audacity Error Opening Sound Device’ Issue

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Guide: How To Fix ‘Audacity Error Opening Sound Device’ Issue

Editing music files on Audacity is a very smooth experience. However, sometimes an error restricts user access to the tool. The message says “There is an error opening the audio application” and this error will stop you on Audacity. This error message may occur if there is no recording device. If activated by software running in Audacity, you may still receive this error message on the system. Even an outdated version of the audio driver may cause this error message to appear on the system.

Problems with Audacity error opening the audio application often occur when there are no recording devices on your computer. Okay, what caused the Audacity “Open source application error”? There are several reasons. And often it is the case of permissions that can occur after a Windows Update, as the Windows Update may reset some permissions settings for apps.

Error Unlocking Audacity Fix Application

If your PC or computer is running Windows 10 OS, and you get an application opening error, you may need to change the storage settings. Changing the privacy settings will allow your software to access and use your microphone.

  • Launch the Windows startup button then the button in Privacy and press Enter to access the Privacy Settings
  • On the settings window, which is under App Permissions (In the left menu) Tap Microphone
  • Find the option Allow the application to access your microphone and switch the switch to ON
  • Search for Audacity under Select what applications can access your microphone and then turn the switch to ON. This command will allow Audacity to use the microphone.

Check for disabled devices on your PC

Due to problems in Windows, audio devices may be accidentally disabled. Find any disabled devices and activate them to see if the change solves the audacity error. NOTE: Also available on Microsoft Windows OS.

  • Jade Audacity
  • Launch Control Panel.
  • Click on the Sound option.
  • Tap the Recording tab.
  • Where devices are listed, Right-click anywhere and select Show Disabled devices, then check the box next to that option.
  • Scanning disabled devices detects all devices that are disabled on the computer by default or optional. However, if no new devices are found, it is possible that the item has other issues. Now, we suggest that you re-install your sound card drivers. Alternatively, you can download and install new drivers for your sound card.
  • If your search results show a new device, right-click the new device (s) and tap Properties.
  • Under the device usage menu, click on Use this device or option is enabled.
  • Click OK to close all other windows.

More Actions to Edit an Unlocking Error

If you still get an error, try the steps below in the correct order to resolve the issue. We hope this works for you.

  • Check the sample rate in Audacity, which will appear at the bottom left of the Audacity settings window (Project Rate (Hz) 44100 Hz and 48000 Hz). These two sample rates are the most widely used and also supported by many sound cards. If you encounter a different model, try converting to 44100 or 48000 and find out if it works for recording.
  • Multiple sound cards support 1 or 2 audio channels. Recording more channels than those configured by a specific sound card will cause error in Audacity. Select Edit> Favorites from the audacity list at the top. Check the channels under the Devices section, which is set to 1 or 2.
  • Audacity may not be able to see the sound card on your computer, or it may not work properly. Remove the sound card and insert it again on the computer. This process will restart the computer. (Remove the sound card and install it). After resetting the sound card, test with Audacity to see if the issue has been resolved or if there is an error.
  • You can remove the Audacity system you are using and then replace it with a new one.
  • After downloading and installing a new version of Audacity, some possible bugs or bugs can be fixed by the Audacity software currently running on your computer.
  • If the error persists, you can try replacing the sound card with a new one. If the sound card is connected to the motherboard (ie, onboard sound card), installing the new sound card and disabling the built-in sound card.

fix device opening error on Audacity

  • You can change the privacy settings on your PC.
  • Remove your audacity settings then download and install the latest version of Audacity.
  • Replace the existing sound card.


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