How To Fix ‘User Profile Service failed the logon’ error

How To Fix ‘User Profile Service failed the logon’ error

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Fix ‘User Profile Service failed the logon’ error. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Fix ‘User Profile Service failed the logon’ error

After logging in to your computer, most Windows cases occur. The word “User Profile Service Logo failed”, on the other hand, prevents you from logging in at all. As a result, it is more difficult to fix than other Windows cases. However, you can better identify and fix the problem by following the instructions below. You can not log in because the windows will not open? Does your user profile cause your problems? Here it is how to get a fixed object.

How to Fix ‘User Profile Service Fail Logon Error’

Shoes into Safe Mode

The first thing you should do is boot Windows into Safe Mode. While you may not be able to access it normally, you can still use your computer in safe mode. Special boot mode Windows boot with less space features and the programs that need to work.

To boot into Safe Mode, follow these steps:

From the Log In

  • Power up your computer as you normally would.
  • When you reach the Log screen, hold down Shift and go to Power> Restart.
  • Your PC will boot into the blue screen with three options. Select Troubleshooting.
  • Click on Advanced Options> Startup> Restart.
  • After rebooting your computer, click on Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Your computer will restart in Safe Mode.

If You Cannot Reach Screen Login

  • Hold down Power button on your device until it turns off.
  • Click Power button to restart your computer. Once you are turned on and you see the manufacturer icon, press and hold Power button again.
  • Repeat this process twice until your computer enters the Windows Recovery Environment (winRE).
  • Now, follow steps 3, 4, and 5 from the section above.

Use SFC to scan for corrupted files

The most likely cause of the “Logo User Profile Service Failure” error is a corrupt user file. This can happen for a number of reasons, ranging from scanning software on boot to power outage while running power on your computer.

Thankfully, Windows has some built-in tools that can help you find and repair corrupted Windows files automatically. The application is called System Administrator (SFC), and is operated using the Command Prompt:

  • Make sure your computer is in Safe Mode.
  • Inside Start menu search bar, type cmd and select The Right Order.
  • In the Command Prompt window, click sfc / scannow and click Enter.
  • Windows will start scanning your computer for any corrupted files and repair them automatically. The whole process should take about 30 minutes.
  • After the scan is complete, restart your computer and try to log in again.

Restore your Computer to the Previous State

Windows is useful feature called System Restore that lets you make changes to your computer and restore to an earlier point in time.

Before proceeding further, you should know that the feature does not work by default, and you have to create recovery sites manually unless you use methods like this to create daily recovery sites.

If you remember creating a recovery point before the error came out up, follow these steps:

  • Type Windows key + R to launch Operate dialogue.
  • Inside Operate box, type rstrui.exe and beat Enter.
  • On the System Restore dialog box, click on Next.
  • Select the recovery point from the list.
  • In the next window, double check everything and click Complete.
  • Windows will restore itself to its previous state, and you should be able to access it now without any hassle.

You should return up any important data or applications that may have been inserted after creating the recovery point.

Change the registry configuration

Another way to deal with the error “User Profile Service Logo failed” is to make some changes to the Registry. This is an advanced troubleshooting method, and we encourage you to create a System Restore site before proceeding further.

Follow the steps to configure the Registry properly:

  • Shoe into Safe Mode using the steps in the first part of this article.
  • Type Windows key + R to open the Operate urgent. Tail regedit and click Enter.
  • In the Registry Editor, using the navigation tool on the left, go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware MicrosoftWindows NT Version CurrentProfile List
  • Here, you should see two files with the same name, but one will have .baki as an extension.
  • Right-click on the file with the .baki extension and select Give me another name. Remove the .baki extension while leaving the file name untouched, then press Enter.
  • Now, right-click on the missing file first .baki extension and install .baki at the end of it.
  • In the folder containing the file renamed from step 5, right-click on it State, then select Edit.
  • Change the value into Data iye from 8000 to 0 (mortar).
  • After that, right-click on the RefCount entry and change the value is Data iye to 0 (mortar).
  • Confirm the changes and close the Registry Editor.
  • Restart your computer and log in.

What if you do not find the .bak file in the Registry Editor?

It is unlikely, but your computer may not have created a file with .bak extension. In this case, open Windows Explorer then go to:

C: Users Default AppData Local Application Data

If you see another folder named Data application under which there is, delete it, and restart your computer. You should fix the problem.

Activate the User Profile Service

In some cases, the User Profile function itself may be disabled. Often, third-party applications are to blame. Luckily, you can activate it by performing a simple command in the Command Prompt window:

  • Put your computer into Safe Mode.
  • Inside Start the menu search tool, type cmd. From the search results, right-click on it The Right Order > Acting as an IT.
  • In the Command Prompt window, click sc configure ProfSvc start = exercise and click Enter.
  • After that, press sc start ProfSvc, and click Enter.
  • Adhere to The Right Order and reboot your computer.


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