How To Fix ‘YouTube Videos Keeps Pausing’ Issue

How To Fix ‘YouTube Videos Keeps Pausing’ Issue

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Fix ‘YouTube Videos Keeps Pausing’ Issue. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Fix ‘YouTube Videos Keeps Pausing’ Issue

If YouTube is waiting for you, you are not alone, and this tutorial will help you deal with the problem. Many YouTube users have noticed lately that YouTube videos on their devices are constantly stopped. We will continue sharing a few solutions with you to help you fix the issue ‘YouTube keeps hold’ on your devices. Most of the time, the application contains a large number of cache, which comes from recent movies. Cache is a piece of data that tracks your system performance.

As you can see, YouTube is one of the most popular and successful programs today. It is used by millions of people of all ages worldwide. YouTube can be used to view, post, and record videos, as well as share them with friends and colleagues. However, it is not a deficit. When partnering with YouTube Software, you may have experienced some problems, as with any other application.

The most common problem is that the YouTube application keeps crashing and slowing down. Many YouTube users have recently said that when watching a video on YouTube, it has good streaming, but then the video stops (it may be randomly touched). So they changed the movie and watched it for a few minutes, but the YouTube video continued to stop.

The marketing industry has changed as a result of YouTube. Millions of marketers have become YouTube producers and use video marketing to get the attention of their customers. Undoubtedly this approach has taken advantage of opportunities for marketers and operators worldwide. Deleting a YouTube application on a mobile device or on a desktop computer for many reasons can cause problems for video producers and customers.

However, there are always a few solutions to the YouTube crash problem, some of which we will go through below.

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What Are The Case And How You Can Fix Them

Using the Older version of YouTube

Some users frequently lock automatic updates on their app store. Also, they do not hesitate to update it because all offline videos will be deleted from their device. They presumably do not know that you can make an app get some issues. Also, they probably do not have much share on the internet to update it. If this is a question, then you should understand what to do next.

If your YouTube stops constantly without touching, the first thing you can do is look at your Device Store or Play Store. See if your YouTube application is a new feature or not. If not, just update and download the latest version of Youtube. Do not forget to make sure of it phone have enough internet and storage space to record it. However, sometimes it is better to delete YouTube videos to resolve the issues.

Network interruption

Another problem that creates a normal YouTube delay is network interruption. Your internet connection may be in a weak state and it may be slow to stop the content. Sometimes, this case may occur not because of you phone problem. The Wi-Fi provider or developer may pull while doing some upgrades or increase their speed or should try and set up is an internet connection home for better internet speed.

YouTube has the default algorithm when the network is in trouble. They will stop playing the video because it has not been recorded yet. If this appears to you, you can use a different provider or wait for the connection to return to normal. All this, it is worth to spend more money and use an established provider because you can get a more reliable connection. However, there are different ways by which you can solve internet problems.

Turn off automatic stop

When you start using the YouTube application make sure it stops automatically feature is turned off. YouTube Auto Stop is a feature which allows videos to be paused automatically while playing. For some reason, people use this feature.

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This feature is especially useful in use with the Sensor sensor. Method How facial recognition works, when facing the cell phone from the front of the sensor captures your key focal points and enlarges your cell phone experiences such as waking up up phonetics play and pause YouTube videos, etc. The solution to this problem (if you think this is a problem) is to turn off automatic focus using the eye sensor.

Saving From Bad Network Connection

When a YouTube video is constantly paused, it is a sign of your limited network connection. Whenever you see the White Circle running, then you are sure to know that your video is saved. Regular stuttering can be annoying for many. However, there are a few options to look at in an effort to find a network problem as a second solution.

Turn off App Cache

You can also try to clear the YouTube app cache as you can And Clear Site Storage on your device. Having too much cache on your device can cause your application to run slowly, so it is obvious up Cache lets videos play without any delay. Some caches record your transfer on the application and they are invalid. To remove the YouTube application cache, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings section of your device.
  • Open the YouTube app from the list of apps that appear.
  • Click the Storage option and you will see the options 2 Clear Cache and Clear data, just click on Clear Cache as clicking on Clear data will let you delete all the downloaded data of the YouTube application.

Jack Your Headset Must Be Born

It can be uncomfortable for you and everyone around you in the matter of raising your headphones, and everything that makes your smartphone can be taken. Congratulations to you, and everyone around you, your device may be nifty feature which stops audio and video when the headphones connected to your device are removed from the headset jacket.

Stability, because of this feature, users encounter frequent delays and the onset of their YouTube videos. Why? Finally, 2 root positions are possible: your headphones or your headphone jacket. If you are in a situation where you have a lot of headphone jacks, it is likely that you can make sure the headset jacket comes out in the real offense. Make sure to connect the Bluetooth headset to your device.

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Other software

A different world is that the third-party application on your device is in conflict with the YouTube service. This could be a security application in error recognizing YouTube as a threat, an automated backup application trying to retrieve data from the cloud, or a penalty application that manages existing bandwidth. If you have a different software running in the background while doing YouTube research, turn off these applications at once to see if there is an increase in the brightness of the video playback.

Check If YouTube Is Error

Specific technical glitches with YouTube can also enable you to meet this issue while playing videos. You can also visit the YouTube Help Center and browse for updates on general problems with YouTube.


Guide about How To Fix ‘YouTube Videos Keeps Pausing’ Issue

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