How to Hack WhatsApp Account with Mac Address Spoofing

How to Hack WhatsApp Account with Mac Address Spoofing

Hack WhatsApp Account with Mac Address Spoofing: Hi guys, as we all know, Whatsapp is a very popular messaging app on the social media platform. Billions of people use this utility across the arena. Almost everyone uses a WhatsApp account. In WhatsApp, you can easily share your photos, videos, recordings, locations and more. Everyone uses this WhatsApp message on their phone regardless of what operating system you are using. You only use Whatsapp on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows smartphones.

By following the steps below, you can only hack and use your friends or any other WhatsApp account. The three most popular methods for hacking WhatsApp accounts. We already discussed one method in our previous Submit and 2d method that we can cover in this article. For the third method, you want to pay some cash so we can discuss the third method in this article. We are only talking about a second approach because it is loose and workable. So let’s start.

1. Uninstall WhatsApp

To start, find WhatsApp Messenger in the Play Store and uninstall Whatsapp from your device. Make sure your WhatsApp account is completely uninstalled from your Android device.

Note – If you are concerned about your WhatsApp account and you are not worried, you can always reinstall your WhatsApp account.

2. Get the victim’s phone

Get the victim’s Android phone that you want to access. You want to have the victim’s phone for a few minutes for the hacking process.

3. Find the Media Access Control (MAC) address on the victim’s phone

We don’t know which operating system platform is being used as a victim. In the following we give you the entire smartphone platform. With these, you can easily find the MAC address on the victim’s device.

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Android: Go to Settings> About Phone> WiFi MAC Address
Iphone: Go to Settings> General> About> MAC Address.
Window Phone: Go to Settings> About> Additional Information> MAC Address
Blackberry: Option> Go to Device> Device and Status Information> WLAN MAC

4. Save the victim’s MAC address

After you find a MAC contract with, it is important to save the MAC contract on paper or in whatever location you want. You should definitely be saving up on the right MAC deal.

5. How to find MAC Cope with your individual device

Get your Mac address from your smartphone and save it for future when you want to access your own WhatsApp account.

6. Forge your Mac address

Now you want to have to forge your Mac address. Spoofing can make your cell phone look like the victim’s phone. After spoofing, you will get access to the WhatsApp account, but not yours now. You are accessing the victim’s WhatsApp account.

7. Install the spoofing app

You can easily change your MAC address using the spoofing app. After installing the spoofing app, it is important that you change your MAC address to the victim phone’s MAC address.

Spoofing app for Android users
BusyBox, terminal emulator

Spoofing app for iPhone users
Mac Daddy X, wifi parody

8. Reinstall Whatsapp Messenger on your device

After spoofing the MAC address and installing Whatsapp Messenger on your device, you can easily access the victim’s WhatsApp account. To do this, just follow a few more steps.

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger and enter the victim’s cell phone number.
  • Now take the victim’s phone for a few days as after entering the victim number it is important to get the WhatsApp verification code from the victim’s phone.
  • After receiving the code, enter it in WhatsApp on your phone and delete the confirmation message from the victim’s phone.
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Now you have successfully hacked the victim’s WhatsApp account. Hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any problems with this article, don’t be shy and comment in the comment box. We will be able to solve your problem as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more updates.

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