How To Identify Font In Image

How To Identify Font In Image

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Guide: How To Identify Font In Image

Identify source in image – Sometimes we can’t remember what font you used in an old JPEG version of a document? We don’t blame you for not wanting to spend a great deal of time scrolling through your list of sources. Many times what happens is that we find beautiful images with impressive text. However, we can identify what font is used to write that text. Or in case you like graphic design and all that, then that’s a post tailored for you.

To determine the font that is used to write to an image, we can use mainly web-based software. It sure is correct, primarily web-based software that analyzes your image that just aggregates and gives you the output of what source is used when creating the image. So we can use an Internet-based online tool called What Font is that I recently used to identify one of the fonts used in an image, so no more guessing the name of the font.

Step to use Identify the font used in any image or photo

Step 1. First of all, go to


Step 2. Now scroll down the page; You will find “Browse” if you want to upload the image directly from your PC. Alternatively, you can paste the URL of the image into the field provided. Just keep in mind that your image must be saved in JPEG, GIF (.gif) or PNG format or else it will be rejected.

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Step 3. After uploading the image, choose whether the background color is light or dark than the character colors. If you want more advanced options, like the option to show all fonts.

Stage 4. If you are done, just click “Follow”And wait for your image to be processed. Sometimes the image is too complex for the tool to examine, so it will suggest you edit the source with the online image editor.

Step 5. Then you will be asked to select at least 4 to 10 characters from the font before sending it again. To refrain from accepting this message, be sure to provide an image with text written on a single line.

Step 6. Once the online tool manages to identify the image, you will be prompted to enter the black characters in the blank text boxes. Just click on “FollowOnce you’re done.

Step 7. That’s! Now you are done.

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