How to Install Galactus Kodi Addon in Simple Steps

How to Install Galactus Kodi Addon in Simple Steps

In this tutorial I will show you how to install the Galactus Kodi addon on Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi Krypton 17.6. The steps in this guide will help you install the addon on all Kodi supported devices including FireStick, Linux, Mac, Windows and more.

Galactus is a Kodi addon for watching movies and TV shows. This on-demand add-on offers you a wide range of video content. Whether you’re looking for the latest versions or old videos, Galactus has it all. The addon also pulls high quality links from various sources. You can integrate it into Real-Debrid for even better results.

The large content database with high quality streams and the consistent playback are some of the reasons why Galactus landed on our addons on the Best Kodi list. In addition, Galactus has a simple, easy-to-use layout that makes it easy to start streaming.

The screenshots shown here are from Kodi 18. However, I may have pointed out the differences to Kodi 17.6.

Update: This addon is currently not working because the Hellhounds repository is not available. For more add-ons, check out our list of the best Kodi addons.

Galactus Kodi Addon Installation Guide

We’ll start installing shortly. There is a small condition for that that we have to meet. Without them, it is not possible to install Galactus or a third-party Kodi addon. Follow the steps below:

# 1. Launch the Kodi app

# 2. Go to the top left of the home screen and click the gear icon to open Kodi the settings

# 3. Click system (If you’re using Kodi 17.6, click System settings)

How do I install Galactus Addon on Kodi?

# 3. Select the item Add-ons in the menu on the left. Now go to the right part of the same window and check the status of Unknown sources. Turn it on if it is off

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Kodi Galactus addon

# 4. This warning message states that leaving unknown sources enabled can be risky. You can safely ignore this message for now as Galactus is a third-party safe add-on. Go ahead and click Yes

Galactus addon on Kodi

Note: You can disable unknown sources after installing Galactus

Let’s start with the installation process

Here’s what you do during the installation:

  • Add the link to the source on Kodi
  • Install the Hellhounds repository from the source
  • Install the Galactus Kodi addon from the repository

Without further ado, let’s start the process. Here are the steps:

# 1. Go to the Kodi homescreen again and open it the settings once again

Galactus Kodi addon

# 2. Then click on the article File manager

Galactus Kodi

# 3. Open Add source

Kodi Galactus

# 4. Now click where you see them

install galactus addon on kodi

# 5.Enter the source link in the space provided:

Please check the link again to make sure it was entered correctly

click OK

Galactus Kodi addon

# 6. Select the section Enter a name for this media source and enter a name, for example cerb

Check the screen again and make sure it looks like what you see in the picture below

click OK

Install the Galactus addon

You have completed the first part and added the source code to Kodi. We are now installing the Hellhounds repository

# 7. Now go back to the home screen and select the item Add-ons in the menu on the left

Galactus Kodi Addon Guide

# 8. Click open box in the upper left corner of the screen (also known as the package installer)

Kodi Galactus addon

# 9. Open the option Install from zip file

how to get Galactus addon on Kodi

# 10. When that window opens, click cerb or the previously specified source name

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Download Kodi Galactus addon

# 11. Open the zip file

Galactus addon on Kodi

# 12.Wait while the Hellhounds repository is installed. You will see the installation confirmation at the top right

Galactus Kodi

The Hellhounds repository is now installed. Let’s install the Galactus Kodi addon.

# 13. Open the article Installation from the repository

Galactus Kodi addon

# 14. Click Hellhounds repository

Galactus addon

# 15. Click the item Video add-ons

Kodi Galactus addon

# 16.Open Galactus on the next screen

Galactus addon on Kodi

# 17. Click the button to install bottom right

How do I install Galactus Addon on Kodi?

# 18. If you are using Kodi 18 Leia you will see this list of additional addons that will be installed alongside the Galactus Kodi addon. click OK

Install the Galactus Kodi addon

# 19. Now wait while the Galactus addon is installed on Kodi. It can take a while. Once it’s installed Galactus add-on installed The notification will appear in the top right corner

Galactus addon installed

Excellent! The Galactus Kodi addon was successfully installed

Speed ​​up navigation by turning off metadata processing

Processing metadata slows down navigation speeds significantly and can become frustrating. However, you can fix it. Here’s how:

# 1. Go to Kodi Home Screen> Add-Ons> Video Add-Ons and open Galactus

how to use Galactus addon on Kodi

# 2. Click the settings at the bottom of the main Addon screen

how to set up Galactus addon

# 3. In the Settings window, click Adaptation Click the tab on the left and deselect the item on the right ‘Activate metadata’

Kodi Galactus Addon Guide

Using Galactus Kodi Addon: A Brief Overview

Let’s take a look at the Galactus addon on Kodi. As mentioned in the previous section, the addon can be accessed by navigating to Kodi Home Screen> Add-Ons> Video Addons.

You can also run it from the Kodi home screen after clicking Add-Ons on the left and selecting Video Add-Ons on the right.

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Galactus addon on Kodi

Galactus looks like your regular Kodi add-on for content on demand, including movies and TV shows. As you can see in the image below, the main screen has a pretty standard layout with clear categories.

Galactus Kodi Addon founded

You choose a category and you may find even more sub-categories. For example, Movies is further broken down into TMDB Now Playing, Movie Years, Action-Packed, etc. Click through the categories and sub-categories to find the list of video content.

Galactus is scraping multiple streaming links from various sources. You may also find several free 1080p links. However, if you sign up with Premium Real-Debrid, you are sure to get better quality links and a more buffer-free experience.


Galactus is a good quality Kodi addon with lots of video content including your favorite movies and TV episodes. It’s a simple addon with a simple interface for easy navigation. For faster navigation, you want to turn off metadata processing. However, I’ve found that even then, the navigation is a bit slower than other addons.

However, a very important positive point of the Galactus Kodi addon is that it plays almost all of the videos from its huge library. Some of the videos from the “Old Movies” section may not work, but generally they will stream well. You can also find several full HD, 1080p streams too. It might not be the best addon, but it’s well worth the chance.

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