How to install KALI on window 8.1

How to install KALI on window 8.1

Hello fellas here, I am focusing on How to install KALI on window 8.1. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better useful way.

Guide: How to install KALI on window 8.1

Installing Kali alongside a Windows installation can be quite helpful. However, you must be careful during the setup process. First of all, make sure you have backed up up any important information about your Windows installation. Since you will be changing your hard drive, you will need to keep this backup on external media.

In this article, we learn a procedure that How to install KALI in window 8.1.

Step 1. First of all, download the Kali Linux ISO from your official website.

Step 2. And then create a bootable USB drive with it, so go to “Manage”.

Step 3. Select disk management and right click on the partition from which you want to create a new partition for Linux and click “Shrink volume”

Stage 4. And then enter the volume you want to shrink, click collapse and once done, you will see a free space.

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Step 5. Now right click on this free space and then click “New Volume” and click next.

Step 6. Now boot from the Kali Linux USB drive and select “Install” and hit enter

Step 7. After this, wait and select your language, location, and keyboard layout.

Step 8. Now wait a moment and then type the hostname and on the next screen press Enter without typing anything.

Step 9. Now enter a password for your root user and select your time zone.

Step 10. Now select “Manual” from a list and hit enter.

Step 11. Now from this list select the partition you created for Linux and hit enter. now select “Delete partition” press enter.

Step 12. This will format this partition and create free space, select this free space and create a new partition and size for it and hit enter.

Step 13. Select “Logical> Home> use as> swap area> Configuration complete up Partition> free space> Create new partition.

Step 14. In this step do not change the size and press enter without modifying

Step 15. Please select Logical> use as> Configuration complete up Partition> Finish Partitioning and Write Changes to Disk.

Step 16. Please select YES now setup is copying files, it will take a while so it’s good time for coffee

Step 17. Please select NO when you see this screen

Step 18. Now select YES and hit enter

Step 19. Now select Continuehey press enter and restart your laptop.

So above it comes How to install KALI in window 8.1. Hope you like it, so don’t forget to share this article with others and leave a comment below if you like it and need to ask any questions about it.

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Guide about How to install KALI on window 8.1

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