How To Install Kodibuntu on Live CD or USB

How To Install Kodibuntu on Live CD or USB

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Install Kodibuntu on Live CD or USB. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Install Kodibuntu on Live CD or USB

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Install Kodibunto on USB:

How I installed a copy of the USB flash drive of my Windows computer. I will describe the process. Using CD Live is the same. First, we need to run Linux Live USB Maker and then we can install the Codecuntu.


  • Download and Install USB Live Linux Maker.
  • Then download a copy of the Codec from here.
  • Insert your USB cable into your computer.
  • Start Linux Live USB Maker and select your USB key.
  • Select your Codex image as source.
  • Then select Endurance as 80% maximum space on your USB key. The rest will provide storage for media and other information. You can also use 100% if you do not want any information saved to the key.
  • Select to format the key in FAT32. As Kodibuntu is a 32-bit system, this is ideal.
  • Then select the generator icon to start the process.

This process does not take much time. In fact, it depends on the speed of your computer. And also the cable you are using. A USB 3.0 key will write much faster than USB 2.0 but it does not take long for Codecuntu.


  • First, reboot your PC and press any key you need to enter the BIOS / UEFI. Some motherboards use F8, some use F12 while others use Delete. It should tell you on the black POST screen when your computer starts.
  • Then select boot options and add USB to the menu.
  • Finally, save and reboot.

Now your computer is set up up to boot from USB. And if you are using a DVD instead. You can obviously select your DVD drive in the boot options menu. Make sure you save the settings before rebooting, otherwise, you will have to go through it all again. Before rebooting, make sure you have your media system on the computer then reboot.


Guide about How To Install Kodibuntu on Live CD or USB

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