How to Install Magicality Kodi Addon

How to Install Magicality Kodi Addon

In this post, you will learn how to install the Magicality addon on Kodi. Magicality is a fork of the very popular Neptune Rising add-on. Just like its predecessor Neptune Rising, Magicality Addon, because Kodi has a huge library of on-demand content. You mention a movie or TV show and are likely to find it here. Magicality’s scraping capabilities are also comparable to those of Neptune Rising. I’ve found dozens of working links for various films and episodes. So if you missed Neptune Rising, don’t do it again. Here’s magic that fits right into his shoes. Let’s learn how to install the Magicality addon on Kodi.

Neptune Rising was probably the biggest victim of the shutdown of the Blamo repo. Neptune Rising was the top-rated Kodi add-on for on-demand entertainment for about a year. You may still find Neptune Rising here and there in some weird repos, but it’s not as good as it used to be when it was part of the Blamo repo. Fortunately, I recently came across the Magicality Kodi addon, which is the fork of Neptune Rising. Magic is as good as Neptune Rising or even better.

TO UPDATE: This addon is not working now. Try other add-ons from our Kodi add-on list.

How to install the Magicality addon on Kodi

Third-party Kodi add-ons such as the Magicality addon require special authorization before they can be installed. The add-ons that are not included in the official Kodi add-on repository come from unknown third-party sources. How to enable the installation of such add-ons:

NOTE: This addon no longer works. I suggest Exodus Redux and the Magic Dragon Addon as alternatives.

1. Open the Kodi app on your device. Stay on the home screen. Click on Settings

Note: Settings is the gear icon located on the top left of the Kodi screen. It’s right below the Kodi logo.

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2. In the next window, select System Settings.

System settings kodi

3. A number of items should now appear in the left sidebar of the screen. Please choose add-ons. Now go to the right side of the screen and activate the Unknown Sources item

Kodi unknown sources

4. The next prompt says that turning on unknown sources can damage your device. However, this is only the case if you install a suspicious, malicious addon. Magicality Kodi Addon is a safe add-on. I tested it personally.

Install Magic Addon on Kodi

After configuring system settings is complete, you can install the Kodi Magicality addon. Follow the steps below:

1. Return to the Kodi homescreen again. Choose Settings again

Kodi settings

2. This time select File Manager in the next window and open it

File manager on Kodi

3. Now click on and open the Add source option

Note: This option is on both the left and right sides of this screen. It doesn’t matter which one you click.

Add source to the Kodi app

4. This is the next popup window that you will see. Click on the option> in the middle (see picture).

Magic Kodi addon

5. A new window will appear. The screen keyboard is located at the bottom of this window. Enter the following source URL:

Click the OK button

Magic repo download url

6. Enter the name of the resource that you added in the previous step when you return to this window. You can choose any name. However, make sure the name is identifiable so that you can easily find it later. You will need it.

I mention the source, Wilson. Click OK

Magic Kodi addon

Up to the previous step, you have added the link to the source from which we will install the Magicality repository in the next few steps. Finally, we will use the Magicality repo and install the Magicality Kodi addon

7. Return from Kodi to the homescreen. When you get there, choose the Add-ons option that you can see on the left side of the Kodi screen.

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Kodi magic

8. Navigate to the upper left corner of the next Kodi screen and open the package installer. I’m referring to the option whose icon looks like an open box (check the image below).

Magic Kodi

9. Open Install from zip file

Install magic from the zip file on Kodi

10. Now click on the previously added source name. In my case it will be Wilson.

install Magicality Repo on Kodi

11. Now open the ZIP file

Note: Don’t worry if the version number of this zip file is not the same. Click on the zip file with the new number.

magic repository

12. In about a minute, the notification about the installed Magicality Repo add-on will be displayed. It will appear in the upper right corner of the window

Installation from the repository on Kodi

As mentioned above, you have successfully installed the Magicality repo. Now let’s use this repo and get the Magicality addon.

13. You should now be in the same window as you see it in the image I provided below. Click the Install from repository option

How do I install Magicality on Kodi?

14. Open the Magicality Repo repository

Magicality repository

15. Click Video Add-Ons

Magicality video add-ons

16. Then click Magic

Magicality Kodi addon

Click to install

how to install Magicality Kodi addon

18. Have the Magicality add-on installed on Kodi. In the top right corner you will see a series of notifications. Wait until the Magicality add-on is installed

Magic on Kodi

Excellent! You have successfully installed the Magicality Kodi addon.

Magic Addon for Kodi: an overview

Let’s get to the addon a bit. But there is not much to explain. Magic addon because Kodi is very simple.

Go to Kodi to access the Magicality home screen. Now click on Add-ons. Then click Video Add-Ons.

In this section you will find the Magicality addon icon. Click on the addon and open it.

Using Magicality on Kodi

The layout of the addon and the categories are very similar to Neptune Rising. The homescreen contains all the regular categories, including movies, TV shows, etc.

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how to use Magicality Kodi addon

Let’s look at the categories of films and TV shows one by one. In the Movies category you will find regular categories such as genres, year, people, languages, etc.

There are different categories of Magicality Kodi addon shares with Neptune Rising. I make this comparison because Magicality is indeed a separation from Neptune Rising.

Kodi Magic Addon

If you open the TV shows via the main addon of the Magicality screen, you have to redetermine the subcategories common for the type. You can search for genres, networks, new TV shows, new episodes, etc.

magic addon on Kodi

All in all, Magicality Kodi is a fork of the Neptune Rising addon, which is very similar to its predecessor. I also noticed that it delivers the same quality streams as Neptune Rising. So one can say with certainty that Magicality is a suitable alternative to Neptune Rising.


So here we are with the Magicality Kodi addon that tries to fill the Neptune Rising gap on the left. And I would say it does its job well. Magic is new and if you’ve never heard of it, don’t blame yourself. I discovered it recently and when I did I felt compelled to share it with you. I hope you will like it because there is no reason not to, especially if you liked Neptune Rising. There is a lot of content and lots of effective scrapers to give you the working links. Try it!

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