How to Install Sandman Kodi Builds

How to Install Sandman Kodi Builds


Installing Sandman Kodi Builds Tutorial and Steps

This explains how to install Sandman Kodi Builds. After many inquiries from our users, here is a guide on how to install Sandman Kodi builds.

Today I’m going to be showing how to install the Sandman builds on Kodi. You’ll install this build on Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon FireStick, and any other device that supports Kodi.

To update!!! Specter Media Builds (formerly Sandman Media) are currently not available. Check out other builds from our list of the best Kodi builds.

Sandman Builds have been renamed and are now available as Specter Media Builds

A household name in the Kodi world, Sandman now offers you a decent inventory of various Kodi builds. Most Sandman Kodi builds are lightweight, so they will perform great on most devices, including devices with moderate or low specs. I tried their builds and was convinced they should be part of our Best Kodi Builds catalog.

I’ll walk you through all of the steps on how to install the Sandman builds on Kodi. These builds are similar on many levels but also offer a unique experience through different interfaces, addon library and performance to some extent. I’m going to focus here on building the Vengeance Kodi for demonstration purposes. However, you have every build you want to install. Let’s start!

Attention KODI users: read this before proceeding

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How to Install Sandman builds on Kodi

Installing a build is usually a multi-part process. The Sandman Kodi Build installation process consists of five parts:

  1. Activate unknown resources
  2. Add the Sandman source URL to Kodi
  3. Install the Specter Media Repo
  4. Install the Specter Media wizard
  5. Install one of the Sandman builds

Let me walk you through each part in the order above.

Part 1: enable unknown sources

This part allows you to customize Kodi settings to allow third party builds like Sandman Kodi builds to be installed.

# 1: click that the settings Icon on the HomeKodi screen of the icon

# 2: Open the option system

How do I install Sandman Kodi builds?

# 3: Click on the article Add-ons (It’s in the left menu.)

# 4: While staying in the same window (with add-ins selected), enable or enable the add-ins Unknown sources

Sandmann builds on Kodi

# 5: Click Yes if asked

Zandman Kodi is building

Unknown sources are now activated.

Part 2: add the URL of the Sandman source to Kodi

In this section, you will prevent Kodi from directing to the source from which Sandman Media Repo will be installed

# 6: open the Kodi the settings Weather on his home screen

Install Sandman Builds on Kodi

# 7: Open the option now File manager

Zandman Kodi is building

# 8: Go ahead and open the item Add source on either side of the next Kodi window

Install Sandman Builds on Kodi

# 9: You need to see this new window now. Click where you see

Zandman Kodi is building

# 10: Now enter the URL or the path in the field above. click OK.

Here is the url:

Sandman builds repository

# 11: You now need to name the url / path you just added. Give it a name that you like.

I call it Sandman

click OK

Kodi Sandman

You have successfully added the source for Sandman Kodi builds

Part 3: Install the Specter Media Repo

In this section, install the repository from the added source

# 12: Press the Back or Escape key / button on your device and return to the Kodi homescreen

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# 13: Click Add-ons

Sandman builds

# 14: open the item Package installer. You can find this item in the upper left corner of this screen. Remember, it’s like an open box

Zandman Kodi is building

# 15: choose now Install from zip file

Kodi Sandman is building

# 16: The previously added source name is now displayed in this window. Click it.

For example I click Sandman, the name I chose

Zandman Kodi is building

# 17: Click on and now open the file with the name

Note: If you notice a different version number of the zip file, open it anyway

Sandman Repository

# 18: Wait to say the warning Specter Media Repo Add-on installed appear at the top right. It will not take long (

You have successfully installed the Sandman Media Repo

Part 4: Install the Specter Media Wizard

We are now installing the Sandman Media Wizard add-on. This addon hosts all Sandman Kodi builds

# 19: (Go to step 18 above) Click Installation from the repository

Install Kodi from the repository

# 20: click Specter Media Repo

Sandman Media Repo

# 21: open Program add-ins

Kodi program addons

# 22: click Specter wizard

# 23: click To install

Install the Sandman Media Assistant

# 24: wait for that Specter Wizard add-on installed Notification. This usually takes 2-3 minutes

Kodi Sandman

# 25: Click Dismiss on this dollup (it will appear within seconds after you have successfully entered the login details)

Zandman Kodi is building

# 27: You see another dollup. click Continue

Note: Select the settings you want to change before clicking Next

Install Sandman Builds on Kodi

# 28: click To ignore

Note: The next part shows how to access the Kodi building menu home screen

Note 2: The above popups usually reappear after you remove them. Click the same options again.

Sandman Media Wizard is installed.

Part 5: Install a Sandman Kodi Build

This is the part where we will finally install one of the Sandman Kodi builds. Continue reading!

# 30: Go to the Kodi homescreen. click Add-ons >Program applications

# 31: click Specter wizard

# 32: click (SPECTER MEDIA) Being created

Sandman Media Builds

# 33: Select the build that you want to install. I choose spook for demonstration purposes. Krypton builds are no longer available

Revenge Kodi build

# 34: click Reinstallation

Note: The reason I chose to reinstall is because the Kodi on your device is factory reset. This is the best way to go about installing any build.

How do I install Sandman Kodi builds?

# 35: Click the requested question Continue So that the assistant can reset Kodi to its default state

# 36: Now wait for the build to download. The files are downloaded first and then installed automatically later

Download Sandman Builds

Note: The download size is around 199MB, but the build unzips and takes in almost 256MB of data

Zandman Kodi is building

# 37: With the Sandman Kodi build installed, click Close close

Note: There is no need to click Reload Profile or it will only crash Kodi (in a sense, Force Close it).

force kodi to close

Large! You have successfully installed the Vengeance Sandman Kodi Build on your device.

Before you start streaming with Kodi Addons / Builds, I want to warn you that whatever you stream on Kodi will be visible to your ISP and your government. This means that streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, sports) can get you into legal trouble.

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closes expressvpn for kodi

An overview of Sandman Kodi builds

Since we just installed the Vengeance Kodi that creates the Sandman library, let’s take a look first. Later I will briefly suggest building the Vendetta.

This is the start screen of the Vengeance build

how to use Sandman Kodi builds

The menu and submenu bars are aligned at the top of the screen. When you select a media item from the menu, the corresponding video options appear below. As you can see I have Movies and the featured movies list appears below.

Vengeance is a sleek, lightweight construction. However, the first time you run it, give it enough time to update the addons. Vengeance Build’s addon library isn’t that great. Even so, you can find enough addons to stream your favorite movies and shows. Live TV is a challenge. If you’re lucky, you might come across an addon that broadcasts live channels. But none of them are consistent.

Let’s dive into the Vendetta build a little.

How to use Sandman builds on top of Kodi

Vendetta Kodi, which creates Sandman inventory, looks better for the addons. It looks a bit dramatic but has a good cast with The Magic Dragon, SportsDevil and more.

Install Sandman Builds on Kodi

last words

Sandman Media Wizard has a decent range of Kodi builds including Vengeance, Vendetta, Hellboy, Survival, Red Dead Redemption, and more.

The builds are generally lightweight, so they perform well. Stability is a little worrying as both of the recently tested builds – Vengeance and Vendetta – crashed at least once.

If you’re looking for on-demand movies and shows, the builds are fine. For live TV it would be a good idea to install some addons separately.

All in all, Sandman Kodi builds are worth trying.


In this tutorial, you learned how to install the Sandman Kodi builds. This repository has plenty of decent Kodi builds for your entertainment enjoyment. I said Vengeance and Vendetta build here, but you can try other builds too. In fact, I’d love to hear your feedback on the builds. Take some time out and let me know what you think of these builds of Sandman through the comments below.


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Technical Specifications Requires Sandman Kodi Builds to be installed

Internet:Good speed internet
R.A.M:4 GB and more.
execution::Last download
Supported devicesFirestick, TV Windows, Linux and Android

How to Install Sandman Kodi Builds Guide is Free?


From: Free
This guide is a free model
Free Trial: May be included, please check the official website we mentioned above.
The price for the installer for Sandman Kodi Builds is “Free” or “Freemium”. This means that you can really enjoy the guide on how to install Sandman Kodi Builds.

The Sandman Kodi Builds Installation Guide provides you with easy and efficient management. With Sandman Kodi Builds installed, you can focus on the most important things. It’s a friendly guide that you might love. The tutorial on installing Sandman Kodi builds can be used on Linux, Windows or Android devices.

How to Install Sandman Kodi Builds Pros and Cons



  • The Sandman Kodi Builds Installation Guide is free.
  • All the steps are easy to use.


Benefits of installing Sandman Kodi builds

  • The tutorial on installing Sandman Kodi builds is free.
  • Helps many users get interested in time.
  • How to Install Sandman Kodi Builds Supported by Windows and Android.
  • The price to install Sandman Kodi Builds is free.

Feedback on installing Sandman Kodi builds

I really like this guide on installing Sandman Kodi Builds.


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Hi folks, I think how to install Sandman Kodi builds is the best tutorial yet.




How to install Sandman Kodi builds

In this guide, we explained how to install Sandman Kodi builds. Please read all of the steps so that you understand how to install Sandman Kodi builds. If you need any help from us, please contact us.

What is this about and how do these steps help you?

This guide explains how to install Sandman Kodi Builds which will undoubtedly help you.

In what actual time is this method completed?

The time it takes to install Sandman Kodi Builds is almost half an hour to an hour.

What is the supported operating system?

Windows, Android and Linux. (Maybe also supported by ios)



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