How to join voice chat on Overwatch

How to join voice chat on Overwatch

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to join voice chat on Overwatch. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to join voice chat on Overwatch

Being able to communicate with your teammates to snare those all-important Ws is a key component of the FPS genre, and Overwatch is no exception.

Working as a team is crucial to your success in the Blizzard FPS, but getting into the game’s voice chat can be tricky.

So, here’s how to join voice chat in Overwatch on PC, Xbox, Switch, and Playstation so you can annihilate the opposing team while making new friends.

How to join voice chat in Overwatch

If you’re looking to tear down Talon and take some names, you’ll have to make sure that you’re all readied up to activate voice chat.

To do this, you’ll need to make sure voice chat is enabled:

  1. Go to Options.
  2. Select the “Sound” tab.
  3. Toggle the options for “Group Voice Chat” and “Team Voice Chat” to on.

You will automatically be added to Team Chat when you join a game, or Group Chat if you’re playing with a pre-determined squad. You can switch between these using ‘P,’ or by selecting the headphones next to the respective channel. 

How to mute players in Overwatch

If there’s a certain teammate that has a little too much to say, you can mute them pretty easily:

  1. Visit “Social Menu Channels“.
  2. Click the speaker icon next to the user you want to mute.
    • Clicking the speaker icon next to your name will put you on mute.

Overwatch voice chat not working

If your voice chat doesn’t appear to be working, there are a few factors that may be at play:

  • Make sure you are unmuted.
  • Check that your microphone is set as your computer’s default input device.
  • If you have received a penalty, you cannot use voice chat.
  • Ensure that you don’t have “push to talk” enabled, as this is the default setting.

Additionally, a bug with Overwatch’s voice chat was first reported on September 27. The glitch caused outages with the game’s channels, meaning that all players were permanently muted.

Having caused chaos in Competitive mode, the issue appears to have been largely resolved. However, it’s worth bearing this in mind if you’ve discovered a new problem with the chat.



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