How To Lock Chrome Profile With Password

How To Lock Chrome Profile With Password

Lock Chrome profile with password – Our PCs should offer us a secure computer room. However, there are times when we are required to share our PCs with others who are similar to our friends and relatives. We will deny them access to our private computers, so a better option may be to create a separate user account for the operating system. This could give you limited access to your PC.

Why you should use a password Protect your browser

As most of you already know Google Chrome With this option you can create separate user profiles. If someone just wants to access your web browser, you can create different user accounts. In this way, he cannot access your web browser history. However, it is very easy to switch between two user profiles in Google Chrome. A better way to protect your browsing history in Google Chrome is to lock your user profile if you’re not using Chrome.

The lock function in Google Chrome started in 2013, but quietly disappeared only a few months later. The profile lock feature has not been removed. According to the new changes in the Chrome code, the lock will only appear where you add a new monitored profile. Below you will learn how to block your user profile in Google Chrome.

Step to lock the Chrome profile with the password

Step 1. First, open Google Chrome, type the following text into the URL address and press Enter.

chrome: // flags / # enable-new-profile-management

Lock the Google Chrome profile with a password

Step 2. Choose activatedFrom the drop-down list under NPM, select Enabled.

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Lock the Google Chrome profile with a password

Step 3. Click on Relaunch apply the changes.

Step 4. Choose the settings The drop-down menu in the right corner of your screen will open the settings in a new tab after you open Chrome again.

Lock the Google Chrome profile with a password

Step 5. Click on Add person.

Lock the Google Chrome profile with a password

Step 6. Within the dialog box too add the personEnter that Name of the new person and check each box on the left of this screen. You can change the picture for this new person if you want. Then click on Add.

Lock the Google Chrome profile with a password

Step 7. You will receive an advertisement informing you that this new person is now a supervised user. Now you can click “Okay, I have it.’

Step 8. While you click on in your profile, you can select “Exit and Parental Control” to lock your profile. If you want to block your profile, you must click on “Exit and child lock“Button. Otherwise your profile will not be locked. If you normally close your Chrome window, your profile will be unlocked.

Step 9. Next time you open chrome with yours Profile It asks for your password. You just enter your email password to unlock your profile.

Step 10. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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