How to Look Better While Video Chatting

How to Look Better While Video Chatting

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Guide: How to Look Better While Video Chatting

Video chat is so common today that even dogs know how to do it. However, with the rise of live conferencing and Skype interviews, re also have to look half decent on a webcam, which is no simple feat. To help inform you, Yahoo Tech has consulted YouTube makeup artist Michelle Phan, who rose to web stardom by filming magnificence. tutorials about his laptop computer. Lots of clips, his personal brand.up model, and more than 6.3 million subscribers later, is the poster woman to look good on the web.

Whether or not you’re preparing for a cross-country interview, Skype along with your long distance boo, or FaceTiming your grams, the following tips it will keep you doing your best on screen. Prepare for your close-up:

Ways to Look Better While Video Chatting

Lighting matters

Wherever you are, in the corner of a coffee shop, a library, your apartment, it is important to look for the best possible light supply. However, the last thing you should do is sit upright under a giant fluorescent lamp. That creates shadows under your eyes that can make you look tired or, God forbid, older. As Phan tells Yahoo Tech: “You don’t need it instantly; a little, keep your soft supply diffused. Instead of opening a window, you should have a transparent curtain at the entrance of the window to diffuse the light. “That and try to gravitate towards warmer tones. It is not often that someone looks good under the harsh rays of a power lamp industrial.

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6 ways to look better 01

Fish maybe your best friend or worst enemy

Our default place for many smartphones is to wear them under the face always as if we have been checking email or participating in Sweet Crush. And even compact laptops they tend to get under our faces. However, that angling can’t make you look like you have a double chin. And what’s worse, it shows off the inside of your nostrils.

6 ways to look better 02

Phan recommends that you simply “keep the laptop computer or machine directly in front of you at eye level. Also, don’t put the digital camera too close, but make sure it’s far enough away to reduce the impact of the fisheye lens. “If you want to be severe about it, skip the webcam entirely and join a camera for you laptop computer supported up by a tripod or stand.

Make eye contact

Avoiding an unflattering angle also requires you to focus your eyes on the camera. It’s almost human for his gaze to wander to that small field along with his face on the back of his screen. Stay away from temptation – Not only is it considerably rude to the person on the opposite side, however looking down can improve the prominence of shadows on your face and make it harder to see your eyes.

If it’s an option within your video chat, try to disguise that field along with your face on the screen entirely.

You saw the part

Although video chats only incorporate the upper third of your body, it is vital to pay attention to what you are wearing. As a common rule of thumb, bold patterns should be avoided as they will divert consideration from your face.

6 ways to look better 03

However, that does not imply that it is worth going completely neutral. “Keep your clothing bright to help reduce shadows on your face,” said Phan. “Try to apply stable colors and avoid distracting patterns. You need people to take a look at your face and never what you are wearing. Keep it easy and elegant. “

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Light up your face

Though boys may hesitate to play up Before a video chat, the same fundamental guidelines apply to every man and woman.

“Each one needs to illuminate the face,” said Phan. “Highlight the middle and keep the hair out of your face.” Our Editorial Director, Rafe Needleman, confirms that for video interviews, a little MAC powder can go a long way toward smoothing the complexion. And what about women? “They should stay away from heavy, dark marksup and use a splash of vivid color on the lips to brighten and bring additional consideration to the face.” Famous.

Audio Help

Although it has nothing to do with your appearance, distorted or blurry audio is annoying and makes it burdensome for people to want to hear what you should say. Your headphones phone is normally taller than most, if not all, laptop microphones. And if you want to go crazy with it, you can even buy a microphone that connects to your laptop computer via USB.

You might be thinking, “That’s good though, what if I only have 10 minutes to get ready?”

We are able to relate. Video chat happens more spontaneously day after day. Phan, however, has some solid recommendations for anyone short on time.

“Take a bunch of PC paper and place it in front of you between you and the laptop computer, ”she says. “The white paper will cover the shadows. Then stack just a few books to help camera to meet you in sight. “And there you can have it, a mini study.


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