How to make an iPhone hologram projector

How to make an iPhone hologram projector

iPhones can solve many spectacular problems. They manage our lives, take breathtaking photos and with Homekit they can now even use devices in our residential areas. Another cool factor that should be added to the checklist is that of a holographic projector, but with little support from a self-made plastic pyramid. So if you want to see ghostly figures (nice, teapots in this case), hover gently over your display. You just want some free time and a previous CD hood.

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How to create an iPhone hologram projector: what you need

In order to create your individual hologram pyramid, you need paper, a pen, a ruler, a sharp craft or a Stanley knife, a previous CD hood and a few adhesive tapes. This mission involves a good amount of plastic reduction, so we also recommend a form of sturdy flooring to work on where you don’t think about scratching yourself. We used a subject for this tutorial.

How to create an iPhone hologram projector: create the pyramid

Take your pen and draw a short line with the center of the paper. Then use this because the central plane around which you draw an isosceles trapezoid. Don’t worry, we also had to look it up. Basically it’s a flat tall pyramid. Make the bottom 6 cm tall and the top 1 cm with the 2 sides 5 cm. See the picture below.

Now remove the transparent part of the CD casing, put the mold underneath and replicate it on the plastic.

Use this template to minimize the form. We recommend using the sharpest knife you may use. During our development, we only had a barely uninteresting blade that made it annoying and a bit frayed in the finish. Avoid the identical mistakes, and your mission must be neater and simpler, and there can also be a much less nasty language.

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Repeat the method until you have 4 equivalent items.

Arrange them as you see it in the picture above, and use small amounts of tape to secure them together. It is best to remove a small hole between the items so that the tape is not too tight. Try placing them at the top and bottom as this can clear the center of obstacles when viewing the hologram.

When this is complete, join the last edges together so that the pyramid can only be on the smallest surface.

Download one of the many free 3D hologram projector apps available on the App Store on your iPhone.

Start the app, place the pyramid on the display, switch off the lights and you will see a phantom teapot, an area shuttle or everything you have downloaded hover elegantly over your display.

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