How to make bootable usb drive

How to make bootable usb drive

Hello fellas here, I am focusing on How to make a bootable usb drive. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better useful way.

Guide: How to make a bootable usb drive

In this trick you will learn how can you format SD card/Pendrive using windows command prompt, also you will learn how you can make your Pendrive bootable.

Using this trick you can easily make a bootable pendrive and then use it to install new O.s when your O.S’s DVD is missing, also this trick is useful for formatting external memory devices such as Usb flash drive (Pendrive), SD cards etc. in the case when windows is unable to format them and show error “this device cannot be formatted by windows. Just follow the steps to learn how to make Pendrive bootable

1.) Card Reader (In Case Of SD card). 2.) SD card or Pendrive.

1.) Connect Your SD cardPendrive To PC. 2.) Go to Start Menu And Search “cmd” and Open it.

(See Image Below)

a3.) Type “Diskpart” and press enter after that a New cmd window will open. (See Image Below)

1Now Apply Commands given below. 4.) DISKPART>List Disk (Press Enter) (See Image Below) 5.) You will see list of memory devices, your device may be at any position, verify according to size * In This Post Device is at “Disk 1” Position 6.) Now Type “Select Disk 1” and press enter (See Image Below)

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7.) Type “Clean” and press enter.

8.) Type “Create Partition Primary” And Press enter.

9.) Type Format fs=fat32 (For Quick Format Type Format fs=fat32 quick)

10.) Now your Device is Properly Formatted.

(See Image Below)


1.) Type “Active” and press enter.

2.) Type “assign” and press enter.

(See Image Below)

How to install O.S

1.) For installing O.S Just Paste the setup in the Pendrive and Restart your computer .

2.) While Restarting when motherboard logo comes, check  that which button you have to press from keyboard for going in boot menu.

It may be F8,F9,F10,F11,F12 OR Tab.

3.) Now from bootmenu select usb option and setup will start.

4.) If there are two many options and you don’t know which one to  press then check all options one by one, its sure that in any one option setup will load.

5.) Now follow the procedure which you generally follow to install a O.S


1.) The Button for going in bootmenu may be different for different computers.

2.) Thesetup which will you paste in pendrive should not be in any folder, It should be extracted.





Guide about How to make a bootable usb drive

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