How to Make Video Using Google Photos

How to Make Video Using Google Photos

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Make Video Using Google Photos. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Make Video Using Google Photos

Google Photos is a great service for organizing pictures, videos, animations, and collages containing your precious memories. It utilizes a different storage space than your Google Drive, so it can likewise permit you to store more files without paying for additional capacity. Despite the fact that there’s nothing bad about utilizing Google Drive, Google Photos places you in an incredible situation to create albums and naturally sort transferred photographs by category. What’s much cooler is that you can make some nice looking films utilizing both the web and portable application version of the service!

Assuming you need to use Google Photos to create a Movie or slideshow, here is the way you can do that. This article tells you the best way to make motion pictures in Google Photos utilizing your transferred pictures or videos. It is feasible to make, alter, and share a film with your companions through different social networking sites utilizing this bit by bit guide.

Google Photos is one of the most incredible internet based picture storage services, which is accessible on various platforms. Regardless of whether you need to alter a picture or make a film from photographs, you can utilize this online tool job done. Albeit the quantity of choices is lower than other professional video editing devices, you can make something out of your pictures without paying extra money.

The following tutorials will tell you the best way to do precisely that.

Create Movies Using Google Photos

In order to use the feature, first of all, update the Google Photos app on your phone. If you have an older device, you may not be able to create movies.

Steps to create a movie

  •  On your Android smartphone or iPhone, go to the Google Photos app.
  • Sign in to your account, if not already signed in.
  • After that, tap Library at the bottom and then tap Utilities on the next page.
  • Here, under the “Create new” section, select Movie.
  •  To start making a movie with your photos, tap New movie, or select a theme for your movie. If you select a theme, tap on Create Movie on the confirmation pop-up once again.
  •  After that select your photos or videos and you can select up to 50 photos or videos. After selecting, tap Create on the top right.
  •  When the photos are uploaded and you see a thumbnail, tap Save.

That’s it. You will also see a notification when your movie is ready. You can tap the Play button to wtach it and can also share it from the app itself.

Steps to edit a movie

You can also edit a movie by following these simple steps:

On your Google Photos app, tap on Search and then select “Movies”. To edit it, you can choose from the following options-

  • Change music: Tap Music Music note icon.
  • Reorder clips: Tap and hold a clip and then drag it to another order.
  • Remove clips: Tap More (three-dots) icon and then select Remove.
  •  When you’re done with the editing, tap Save.

This is how you can edit your movie within the Google Photos app itself.


Guide about How to Make Video Using Google Photos

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