How To Manage Your Android Device from a PC

How To Manage Your Android Device from a PC

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Guide: How To Manage Your Android Device from a PC

Juggling between your smartphone and computer while working on an important task can be a tiring activity. Are you looking for ways to manage it? phone from a PC and get yourself in trouble of viewing two screens all the time? Then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will introduce you to the five simplest applications for managing your Android device under Windows 10. Maybe you want to manage it phone wireless or wired, we have it all for you.

You probably want at times that you can control your Android device from your PC. Maybe yours phone at the bottom of your pocket, or if you are in class and subtly want to message someone. Or you have to type a lot or see something on a big screen. Fortunately, your Android phone is easy to access from a computer. Here are some great options, from the one you already built into Windows to the full screen mirror application.

Ways to control your Android from a PC:


Pushbullet does not go far enough to give you complete control over your Android phone from a PC. However, you put all your notifications right at your fingertips. You can send and receive files and messages with encryption and use universal copy and paste to manage messages faster. Pushing the bullet even lets you control multiple devices at the same time.


AirDroid is one of the most powerful ways to control Android from a PC, and it is very versatile features from other materials on this list. You can manage your messages and notifications or go in-depth and mirror your screen and mouse. Not all of the mirroring features is as smooth as some of the other options, but they will do have a squeeze.


Vysor is a lot easier than AirDroid in that it places a lot of emphasis on the screen mirror. It is a great option if you are a developer looking to test your app during development or if you want to tinker with perfection home screen setup. If Vysor is the way you choose to manage your Android from PC, you can choose between speed and performance depending on your needs.

As always, there is a free and paid version, and you will need to pony up if you like all features. Paid Vysor subscription offers things like wireless connectivity and full screen mirror.


If you want to control your Android from PC completely, Scrcpy goes even further than Vysor. It is an open source program, though, so you will have to work harder to reach that promised land. You can use a USB or Wi-Fi connection to connect it phone, and Scrcpy allows for mirror screen and notification control. However, if you want to type into Scrcpy on Linux, you will have to build your view out from scratch.


Instead of allowing you to mirror your screen, DeskDock makes things surprisingly easy. The app will let you bring your mouse directly to your Android device with total control. It is a dream come true, especially at the test stage. You can light a fire up your app and use your mouse to test different functions quickly.

Samsung Sisan

If you want to control your Android phone from PC, a major Samsung phone, Payment is a good bet. It allows you to bring any of your Samsung products into the same fold and share free notifications and settings. If you want to bring your comments to your Galaxy Tab, you can do so in seconds. The same goes for notifications on it laptop or Galaxy Chromebook. Do not worry; you do not need to have a Samsung laptop to let Flow work.


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