How To Merge PowerPoint Files into one Single File

How To Merge PowerPoint Files into one Single File

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Merge PowerPoint Files into one Single File. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Merge PowerPoint Files into one Single File

To create a single presentation from several Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentations, you need to merge the files. PowerPoint lets you do this with Recycled Slides feature, which imports all the slides from another PowerPoint file and lets you paste some or all of them into the current presentation. You can also save the original format of the imported slides.

How to Merge Powerpoint Files into a Single File

Also use Slides

  • Launch PowerPoint on your computer then open the page to which you want to add slides.
  • Find where you want to add slides or slides. Then, click between the two previous slides.
  • Click the Insert section of the main Menu.
  • After that, click the New Slide icon on the left side of the menu.
  • Then, click Repeat Slides.
  • Recycle Slide box will open, click Browse button. If you check the box next to Enable read source, new slides will be inserted as they were in the original presentation. If you remove the box, their format will be corrected to one of the original presentation.
  • Insert your slide. Browse presentations and click the one you want to add slides to and click Open.

Add Item

  • Launch PowerPoint and open the layout of the presentation.
  • Add a new slide. Close your text boxes, because they should be completely empty.
  • Click the Insert tab in the Main Menu.
  • Click the Object icon.
  • You will see the Insert item dialog box. There, you should select Create from file option. You can type the address of the document into the text box and press Enter or click Browse button.
  • Browse for an external presentation that you would like to insert first and double click on it.
  • Next, you will see only the first slide of the imported presentation. Even though you may not see them in time, the remaining slides are below.
  • Spend the insert to match the slide size of your first presentation to avoid changes in slide size once you present the presentation.

Merge Documents

Finally, you can opt to completely merge two PowerPoint presentations into one. Here’s how this method works:

  • Open PowerPoint and open the first presentation.
  • Click the Review section of the main Menu.
  • Click Compare button, you will find in the Compare section.
  • Browse for the presentation you want to combine with your first presentation, select it by double clicking on it.
  • Once the integration is complete, you will see the Reviews pane to the right of the merged submissions.
  • In the Presentation Changes section, you will see the differences between presentations and select what kind of changes you want to keep and which ones you want to miss.

Drag and drop

  • Open both presentations on your PC or Mac and make sure you reduce the PowerPoint settings so that you can see both at the same time.
  • Using your mouse, tap the long slide you need to move and drag the slide to the appropriate position. You may need to do this for each slide, thank you, you can also press the first slide you want, hold down the Shift key, then click on the last slide to select them all and move accordingly.
  • The position of the slide will be highlighted with a red line.


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