How To Play Music with Amazon Echo

How To Play Music with Amazon Echo

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Guide: How To Play Music with Amazon Echo

Google Play Music may not be as powerful and unique as it is created by other music streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music, but it has slowly evolved into a small and dedicated group of loyal users. Google Play Music does not have many major services such as social sharing, which happens to be in force in Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music. Not all facts about Google Play Music are disappointing, however, as it gives users a lock for 50,000 songs.

Play to Google Play Music on Echo

Plex Media Server

To enable Plex to play your music files on the Amazon Echo, you will need a media server that is always turned on and can run Plex Media Server. That could include a desktop computer (running Windows, MacOS, or Linux), a NAS (network-connected storage box), or a Nvidia Shield TV. Plex does not currently support streaming to Alexa devices from Plex Cloud servers.

Streaming your music in this way also has some limitations compared to Amazon Music and other services that do not require the installation of Alexa technology, such as Spotify and Pandora:

  • Every-home music is not supported, so you can listen to one speaker at a time
  • You cannot set Plex as the default streaming service, and you must use a specific syntax (either “Alexa, ask for Plex…” or “Alexa, say Plex…”) to play your songs anytime.
  • Responses from Plex take less time than music services built into Alexa.
  • The album art is not supported on the Echo Display.

Connecting services

To gain access to streaming services through Alexa, you will need to connect to each one first. There is a unified way of connecting all the work to your Echo device – via the Alexa application.

Yes, to connect a service to your Echo and use it a lot features that the device offers, you will need to use the Alexa application. Essentially, the smartphone / tablet application is your Echo interface. You can find Alexa apps in your Google Play Store or App Store, depending on whether you are using Android or an iOS device.

Download the application, log in to your account, then connect the service. To do this, start the Alexa application and navigate to the more menu, located in the lower right corner. Then, navigate to Settings and scroll down until you hit Music & Podcast. Amazon Music should be linked to your Alexa application, along with some other streaming services.

To add a new one, locate and tap New Service Link. On the next screen, you will see a list of supported streaming services. Find the one you want to use, tap it, and select Activate to use on the next screen.

When you click ‘Activate to Use,’ Alexa will redirect you to a login page. Sign in only using the same credentials used for that streaming service. After you do, Alexa will understand. If you want to disconnect the music service regularly, follow the same instructions but tap ‘Activate Skill.’

Apple Music

Apple has started tapping its toes into streaming products, and music is no exception. The amazing thing about this service, however, is that it is not exclusive to Apple devices. There is an Android application, and you can see it as a link option for your Echo device within the Alexa application. What’s more, Windows, Chrome OS, Sonos, web browsers, HomePod, and CarPlay, support this functionality, in addition to Apple devices.

There is no free subscription plan, although it takes a three month trial, which is generous, to be honest. After that, you have to choose between Single Members and Family Group ideas. Family planning allows up up to 6 people in a single iCloud Family Shared space.

If you are an Apple fan and do not mind paying a monthly fee, connect your Apple Music to your Amazon Echo. So, go ahead and give it a three month trial on a rifle before you buy.


Spotify is pretty much the king of streaming music. Sure, the competition is fierce, but Spotify is a brand that is very close to becoming a regular name. Ubiquity was one of his first upshots. It can be accessed through a web player, from a multi-platform desktop, through a mobile app, especially through game consoles, TV programs, TV boxes, and smartwatches.

What’s fantastic with Spotify for desktop streaming is that it is a player, in addition to being a streaming service. That means you can play MP3, MP4, and MP4P files on your computer.

Spotify for desktop music will satisfy most of your music listening needs. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on the mobile app version or web player. In addition, desktop applications cannot handle high quality M4A files.

There are neat tracks and behind-the-scenes information features for Spotify on Android and iOS. However, this does not do anything for your Spotify Echo experience, as Echo is a speaker without a visual interface.

Spotify comes with a free subscription, but it will not allow you to connect the service to your Echo device. Therefore, you can pay attention to it phone and play music on Spotify for free, but this is a bit tedious.

The game and Family Ideas is not very expensive, although, and having such an excellent music streaming service on your Echo certainly pays off. Fifty million songs and glossy playlist options make Spotify one of the best streaming services on the market.

Other ways to stream

Let’s say the music you want to relax is not in the Alexa app. You are not completely lucky with your streaming favorite. Fortunately, Alexa can double up to yours phone via Bluetooth (most models).

Some functions are not the same as speed commands (“Alexa, play my awesome playlist on Spotify”), but you will stream in time not once properly connected.

How to Connect Bluetooth

If you want to start, make sure your phoneBluetooth is turned on (and if you have issues turn on wifi properly).

  • Click ‘Devices’ at the bottom of the Alexa application and then tap ‘Echo & Alexa.’
  • Now, click the Echo you are trying to connect to.
  • Now, tap ‘Bluetooth Devices’.

The Alexa application will start finding a device to connect with. As soon as it appears in the list easily click on it and confirm that you want to connect. Now, when you start music from it phone, Your echo will act as a speaker.

When you have finished listening easily say “Alexa, disconnect.” And, when you are ready to connect again simply say “Alexa, connect Bluetooth [insert device name]. ”


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