How To Reduce Glare in Photos

How To Reduce Glare in Photos

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Reduce Glare in Photos. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Reduce Glare in Photos

Most of the time, we take a photo and everything looks perfect, but gloss, or glare, or light becomes just a mistake. to delete? No, we can remove the gloss from the face or skin on your photo, we can also remove the gloss from the glasses.

It is a traditional technique that only professional photo editors such as Photoshop or Lightroom help to remove glare from photos, because it is a type of advanced photo editing, such tasks with color adjustments, drawings, sound modifications music, satisfaction. , denoise, etc. and you should have a lot of experience in setting the parameters. But luckily, things are getting easier today, especially for you want to edit photos like Photoshop experts, as the tools become more and more understandable.

There are several ways to do things in Photoshop. I find most of my recipes to try a lot of different things, and this is one of the “I wonder if this will work” scenes and oh boy, does it always work. I would not promise it would work on the whole picture, no technology was done, so we needed to know the different ways of doing things. However, I think when you work you will find it better than the other way around, because it keeps the true character of the human face. Okay, let’s roll.

How to Reduce Gloss in Your Photos

Change It Camera Condition

When light enters your lens directly you need to change its position so that it does not camera does not refer to the direction of the light source. Shining light can be done with in the same way, but for another reason. The light illuminated the flat ground at the same angle that struck the surface. If you move it camera position to a different angle to the meditation is no longer a problem.

Moving more to the left or right, up or lower, will always achieve the desired result. As you move, pay attention to what is happening with the fire as you do. You may want to retain some of the effects of gloss. Keeping polished after your subject or other part of your collection is also possible. You can try to set your location camera so that something in your collection blocks the light of indifference.

Shade your lens

To remove glare from photos, you need to stop the light source from turning on your lenses. Most lenses come with a lens cover specifically designed for this purpose. Sometimes they may not provide enough shade to stop the light source from hitting your lenses. This is when you must get creative. Hold your left hand up and in front of your lens to block the light. You can also use your hat or whatever you hold or let someone else take to protect your lens.

Drawing a silver temple in Chiang Mai during the afternoon when the sun is behind it is a challenge. A wide lens is essential. There is not enough space to move. Changing conditions will not always be effective. In this photo, I use red umbrellas to block sunlight from entering my lens directly.

Use Polarizing Filters

Attaching a polarizing filter to your lens can have a significant effect on the gloss value. You may not be able to delete an image, but this filter will improve the way your photo will look.

By rotating the outer ring on a circular polariser, the filter prevents some light from entering the lenses. For detailed information on how polarizing partitions work, see this article.

Set Your Display For Targets

You can also control the amount of light that goes into it camera. This is not a polished finish, but it will be reduced. Get a meter reading from the area of ​​your stack that is sparkling. Set your exposure to less than what your meter recommends. You can do this by using the signal -1 or -2 signal.

In analog mode, you can choose a narrow aperture, shutter speed, or a low ISO setting. I have used this technique in this photo. I put myself down so the thought flashed into my lens on purpose. I then slightly underexposed targets.

How to Remove Glare from Photoshop and Lightroom

Dehaze Tool

  • One of the most effective tools is Photoshop and Lightroom to help with the gloss problem in Dehaze application. In Photoshop this can be seen by going to the top menu and selecting Filters>Camera Raw Filter.
  • In Lightroom when you are in Development Mode you will find in the lower part of the Basic Panel on the right-hand side. This allegation will either increase or decrease the amount of haze. Using a brush tool in Lightroom is about the easiest way to dehaze selected parts of an image.

Shadows and Highlights Correction

  • With your open image in Photoshop create a copy layer (Ctrl + J)
  • With the new Layer select go to the top menu and select Photo> Adjustments> Shades and Highlights.
  • Click the Show More Options box. This will allow you greater control of the changes you will make.
  • In the Targets section, drag the slider to the right. This darkens parts of the image with gloss. You can also make adjustments to the Tone and Radius slider. Experiment with both to see the best effect you can create.
  • Next, drag the slider in the Shadows section to the left. Make adjustments to Tone and Radius sliders here as you need to.
  • You may have noticed some color change as you manipulated the sliders. If so, use Color removal to desaturate your image a bit.
  • Click OK.
  • Close the layer you have made adjustments to so you can see the original. When ready, turn the layer back on. Now change the Unified Mode to Soft Light. It may have affected the contrast while making your adjustments and changing the Merge Mode can help improve the balance.

Use Clone and Patch Tools

  • These are good for removing sources of glare when light is entering camera from behind your subject.


Guide about How To Reduce Glare in Photos

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How To Reduce Glare in Photos
How To Reduce Glare in Photos
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