how to run Ubuntu on virtual machine

how to run Ubuntu on virtual machine

Hello fellas here, I am focusing on how to run Ubuntu on virtual machine. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better useful way.

Guide: how to run Ubuntu on virtual machine

Run Ubuntu on windows via virtual machine. 

To work Ubuntu in a virtual desktop, make sure your computer is present with a suitable hardware configuration as running two operating systems at a same time can take up enough juice you have inside your system. Those with less than 2 GB of RAM should probably abstain from installing Ubuntu inside Windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1 for the time being. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS  long-term support is the latest version of the Ubuntu operating system, “Trusty Tahr” is the code name for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS version.

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What is new in Ubuntu 

New features in 14.04 LTS

Please view the Trusty blueprint list for details.

So let’s begin,

Step 1.  First Download Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and VMware Workstation 10 or Virtual Box 4.3. In this article, I am going to install Ubuntu 14.04 on Virtual Box. 

Or you can buy Ubuntu CD


Step 3. Choose a name for your new virtual machine. Select type Linux as guest operating system and version as Ubuntu 64-bit.

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ubuntu install (15)

Step 4. Now Select the amount of memory (RAM) to be allocated to the virtual machine and continue.

This is my Ubuntu 14.04 Virtual machine summary. I am using 512 MB because this is recommended suggest memory for using ubuntu OS. If you want you can use more memory.

ubuntu install (16)

Step 5. Now Select an option create a virtual hard drive now and continue.

ubuntu install (17)

Step 6. Now create a Dynamically Allocated VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and continue.

ubuntu install (18)

Step 7. Now choose option a Dynamically Allocated and continue.

ubuntu install (19)

Step 8. Now select the size of the virtual hard drive and continue. I am using 8 GB of Hard Disk.

ubuntu install (1)

Step 9. In this step, I have mounted Ubuntu ISO file & started my Virtual machine.

ubuntu install (3)

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Installing Ubuntu on virtual machine

If everything work fine as it should, you will see the Ubuntu setup screen within no time. You can now install Ubuntu as you would normally install it on any system. Here’s how it work.

Tip: These step also works similarly if you want to install Ubuntu direct on your system without a virtual machine.

Step 1. Select your default language and click on the button Install Now.

ubuntu install (5)

Step 2. Preparing to install ubuntu on the virtual machine.

ubuntu install (6)

Step 3. Choose installation type erases a disk and install Ubuntu. Now click on install now button and continue. 

Note: Please choose option carefully if you dual boot your system or install your system directly with ubuntu.

ubuntu install (7)

Step 4. Choose your time zone and keyboard layout.

Step 5. Now create your ubuntu account by providing little information about you. Type your name in the first text box. This will automatically fill up the login name and computer name. Create a good password and confirm your password and click “Continue” button. and continue.

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ubuntu install (11)

Ubuntu will begin the installation now.It will take 5 to 10 minutes for installing ubuntu on the virtual machine.

ubuntu install (12)

Step 6. Finally, When the Installation is complete click “Restart Now” to finish an installation. 

ubuntu install (13)

Step 7. Done ?. If you have any other doubt related to this article ask in a comment.

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Guide about how to run Ubuntu on virtual machine

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