How To Search Someone on Twitter

How To Search Someone on Twitter

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Guide: How To Search Someone on Twitter

As long as you know someone’s name, it should not be too late to find their Twitter account, whether you have one yourself or not. Finding celebrities and celebrities is not so difficult as Twitter checks their accounts. When you are looking for a friend who spends a lot of time online, your search results will be more accurate in knowing your friend’s presence online, even if they do not use their real name online.

How to Find Someone On Twitter Using Their Name

Whether you want to find your friends or people you have just met on Twitter, there are several ways to find them, regardless of the type of device you have. You can access Twitter via a desktop website or Twitter application for Android or iOS devices. If you have a username or their Twitter username, this is it how to find them on Twitter.

  • Access Twitter either through or your Twitter account mobile app.
  • On Twitter: Enter the username or username of the person or account in the Twitter search box and then select a name to view their Twitter page.
  • In the Twitter app: Tap the high glass, enter the username or username of the person in the search box and then tap the search result.
  • On the complete results page, select the People tab to narrow down your results to only the Twitter accounts that contain your search terms.
  • Once you find your person, select Follow next to their name or select their result to view their Twitter account.
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How to Find Someone on Twitter Using Email or Phone Number

  • From any tab, click Menu button at the top left.
  • Tap Settings and Privacy> Privacy and Security.
  • Scroll down and tap Discovery and contacts.
  • Tap the contacts in the sync address book to activate it.
  • The Twitter application will then display the Twitter accounts associated with your contacts.


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