How to SEO Using Google Webmaster Tools

How to SEO Using Google Webmaster Tools

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Guide: How to SEO Using Google Webmaster Tools

You might be wondering why there is a Google for webmasters is so important for SEO. After all, you are learning how to make the most out of Google, not how to be a webmaster, right? Even for those who’re not the owner of a commercial website, and even if you’re not looking for as a lot search engine traffic as possible, it is important that you simply understand how Google treats search engines if you wish to get any Google traffic at all.

Steps to take for optimal Google indexing of your site

The cornerstone of any good search engine is very relevant results. Google’s unprecedented success has been because of its uncanny ability to match quality info with a user’s search terms. The core of Google’s search results is based upon a patented algorithm called PageRank. There is an entire industry focused on getting websites listed close to the top of search engines. Google has confirmed to be the toughest search engine for a site to do well on. Even so, it isn’t all that difficult for a new website to get listed and start receiving some traffic from Google. It may be a daunting task to study the ins and outs of getting your website listed on any search engine. There is a vast array of information about search engines on the Web, and not all it’s useful or proper. This dialog of getting your website into the Google database focuses on long-term methods for successfully promoting your website by Google. It can keep well away from some of the common misconceptions and problems that a new site owner faces.

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Google’s Importance to Webmasters

But isn’t Google just a search engine site like any other? Its reach is far greater than that. Google partners with other sites to use the Google index results, including the likes of heavyweight properties AOL and Yahoo!. Not to mention the multitude of sites out there making use of the Google API. So when you think about potential visitors from Google’s search results, you have to think beyond traditional search site borders. It’s becoming ever more important what Google thinks of your site. That means you’re going to be sure that your site abides by the Google rules or risk not being picked up. If you’re very concerned about search engine traffic, you’re going to have to make sure that your site is optimized for luring in Google’s spiders and being indexed in an efficient manner. And if you’re concerned that Google should not index some parts of your site, you need to understand the ins and outs of configuring your robots.txt file to reflect your preferences.

Search Engine Basics

When you type in a search term at a search engine, it looks up potential matches in its database. It then presents The Best web page matches first. How those web pages get into the database, and consequently, how you can get yours in there too, is a three step process:

  1.  A search engine visits a site with an automated program called a spider (sometimes they’re also called robots). A spider is just a program similar to a web browser that downloads your site’s pages. It doesn’t display the page anywhere; it just downloads the page data.
  2.  After the spider has acquired the page, the search engine passes the page to a program called an indexer. An indexer is another robotic program that extracts most of the visible portions of the page. The indexer also analyzes the page for keywords, the title, links, and other valuable information contained in the code.

  3.  Thesearch engine adds your site to its database and makes it available to searchers. The greatest difference between search engines is in this final step where rankings or results positions under a particular keyword are determined.

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Keeping Up with Google’s Changes

With Google having such a leading position in the search engine world, and so many webmasters looking to Google for traffic, you might guess that the re’s a lot of discussion about Google in various places around the Web. And you’d be right! My favorite place for Google news and gossip is Webmaster World. It’s not often that you can put the words “civilized” and “online forums” right next to each other, but I’m doing it now. Discourse on this site is friendly, informative, and generally flame-free. I have learned a lot from this site.

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