How To Separate First and Last Names in Sheets

How To Separate First and Last Names in Sheets

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Guide: How To Separate First and Last Names in Sheets

When creating a mail list, it is always important to take the first and last name of the full name in Google Sheets, so that you can use the first name in your mail list. There are several ways to share your first and last name in Google Sheets, and we will describe some of the simplest below. Let’s say we start with a Google Sheet that has a “Name” page: If you want to divide the given names into first and last names, it is useful to know how to take first and last names in Google Sheets. That is, if you have a list of full names in a book, a function can be used to divide names by first and last name.

How to Separate First names and surnames in Google Sheets

Using the SPLIT process

This is a straightforward and easy way to separate first and last names.

  • Identify the data you want to share Find a page that has a list of names you want to share. Also, identify the columns where you want to display the split list. For example, Book A contains data that has to be split. Book B will have the first name in it and Column C will have the last name in it.
  • Click formula. You have to type SPLIT formula, which is = SPLIT (A1, “”). A1 stands for cell to split. The apostrophes specify where to share. It is called the delimiter. Here, there is a space between the apostrophes because the names in book A are separated by a space. If you have a comma that separates the two names, you can specify a comma instead of a space. The formula will become = SPLIT (A1, “,”). Press Enter
  • After typing in the formula, press Enter. You can look at the formula in practice. Apply formulas to books. You can apply the formula to the whole book by drawing a full drink. You can find the full handle at the bottom right of the highlighted cell.
  • Drag to the end of your data. It has successfully applied the SPLIT formula to all of the columns.
  • Using Word Sharing to Google Sheets columns provides a built-in application to separate names. However, this tool shares the name in the field. The last name is transferred to the next page and the first name is in the original book.
  • Show cell with data to share. Here, A1 – A7 is the highlight. You can see the names of the cells displayed in the formula bar on the left.
  • Select Text Sharing to Columns. From the main menu, click Data. This will open up. Select Text Sharing to Columns.
  • Select Separation. You can see a small box asking you to select the Separation. Click the two arrows in the corner to open the list of splitters in the drop-down.
  • Select the divider according to your data. Since a field has been used here, select Space. You can now see the names shared and in separate columns.

Using Shared Names add-on

You can also share names by adding the extra installation you need.

  • Select Download Extras. From the main menu, click Extras. Now, select Download Extras.
  • Install the Shared Names add-on. Selecting Extensions will open a dialog box. Find Shared Names in the search box. Find Shared Names by Ablebits and click on it.
  • Click blue Install button to install the Shared Names add-on. It can direct you to login or permission. Allow access to use plugins. After successful installation, you can see a message.
  • Select the ranges of cells to divide. Identify and select the size of the cells with the names you want to separate.
  • Start adding Shared Names. From the main menu, click Extras. Select Shared Names, followed by Start.
  • Customize and click Share. Clicking Start will open a dialog box with several options. Choose the ones that suit your needs. Check the first check boxes and last name. If your data has a header, check the box carefully. Finally, click the blue Split button.
  • Check if the changes have been successful. Add will indicate the number of changes made. You can check your data to see the changes.

Using Word Services.

You can use this method if you want first name or last name instead of both.

  • Identify the cell to identify the first name or surname. Here, cell B1 is selected to display the name. You will always enter the formula into this selected cell.
  • Click formula. Form to extract first name is = OSI (A1, WA (”“, A1) -1). The formula for removing the last name is = RIGHT (A1, LEN (A1)) -WA (”“, A1)). Choose and use the formula accordingly. Using the last name’s formula here.
  • Press Enter to view the formula in action. You can get a patent. Press Ctrl + Click on your keypad or press tick. This will apply the process to all available data. You have now successfully extracted the last name from your data.


Guide about How To Separate First and Last Names in Sheets

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How To Separate First and Last Names in Sheets
How To Separate First and Last Names in Sheets
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