How To Shoot Brighter Videos In Low Light on iPhone

How To Shoot Brighter Videos In Low Light on iPhone

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Shoot Brighter Videos In Low Light on iPhone. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Shoot Brighter Videos In Low Light on iPhone

When you take a video with your iPhone in low light conditions, you may not always get the expected results, and it goes for 4K, 1080p, and even 720p resolutions. However, there is a way to increase the quality of your videos while shooting in dark areas – you just need to change a few settings. When taking photos with Camera app, if you have an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, you can see clearly when the space is too dark, and Night Mode will be activated to improve the picture quality. However, this does not work when recording videos, because night mode only supports past videos on iPhone 12 models.

Selecting at 60 frames per minute (fps) allows low light to enter the aperture, as photographed every 16.67 millimeters. Decreased brightness in dark conditions with the iPhone XS or higher contributes to higher resolution with loss of extended power. It also means that the codec works hard in fast scenarios, which increases the file size. The result seems more like cheap home video than the high quality recording you can expect from an iPhone.

How to Great Light-Looking Low Light iPhone Video

Add Light If You Can

  • Even if you are fast, it may take a few minutes to add more light. The simplest solution is to apply on camera video light. This is the light that shines on you camera that illuminates the subject. The video light I used was a Micro Pro LED light from Litepanels (highly recommended, by the way).
  • There are other possible ways to incorporate fire even. You can turn on the lights or headlights. You can use an indicator panel or a mirror to bounce light into an area that needs more light. So, the smart thing is to have a lot of light brought with it. Portable electronics is a huge investment.
  • Nothing adds fire to a situation like fire.
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Use a larger hole than your Video Camera Allow

  • Sometimes aperture is called iris, or f-stop. People use terms interchangeably.
  • If your video camera in the f-stop system, use the lowest number you can. An f-stop of 2 is good. F-stop of 1.4 is excellent. The lower the f-stop number, the larger the hole. This great open track allows more light into your cameranitorina you get a brighter picture.
  • If you are using video camera with a zoom lens, note that they do not always have a hole as often as you zoom. As you telephoto (zoom in), most of the time the aperture will decrease and reduce the light entering it. darken your image.
  • The solution is to keep the lens close at wide angles so that your lens can be wide open. If you need to get closer to your subject, try “zoom in with your feet” and get closer to the subject.

Slow down your Lock Speed ​​to Enhance Your Image

  • Most video cameras allow you to control the shutter speed. You can use this feature to slow down the speed of eyes, meaning that the eyes are “open” long, which allows more light into camera.
  • Normally when I rotate a video, I use a shutter speed of 1 / 60th of a minute. However, if I rotate the video in low light, I can change the shutter speed to 1 / 30th of a minute. This means opening it twice as long, which doubles the amount of light entering the video camera. This has a great effect on the brightness of the video image.
  • The main drawback of eye reduction is that you get more movement blur. That may be a straightforward problem, but I find that using a speed of 1 / 30th of a minute works well for normal human movement.
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Reduce Frame Rate in Your Video Camera To Let More Light In

  • Not all video cameras can do this, but now that most do not have tapes, they allow you to adjust the frame size of your video. In fact, many video cameras try to mimic the look of a movie by adding an option at 24 frames per minute.
  • In low light mode, you can change your frame size to 24 frames per minute, instead of using the normal rate of 30 frames per second. If you close the frame (or adjust it accordingly), this allows you to hold the frame for 1 / 24th of a minute instead of 1 / 30th of a minute. The slower speed allows more light into camera, polishing your image. It was a small increase, but it was also an increase in fire.
  • If your video camera allows you to adjust the frame size even lower, you can consider shooting at 12 frames per second, or even 6 frames per minute, leaving the track off. This will not work if you are selling a normal head or motion, but if you are rotating a video of a landscape, landscape, or something standing still (house, game, tree), you may want to to consider a low frame rate with a slow shutter speed. This will illuminate your image in particular.

Enhance Your Video Camera jèrè

  • Sometimes the video camera the game is called “sensitivity” or “ISO”. It depends on the manufacturer and model.
  • Only do this as a last resort. Increasing the game has a negative effect on your image. It adds noise – small dance wings (usually magenta, sometimes blue) in the shadows of your image. This noise is disturbing.
  • Most people think the noise seems bad. You should try to avoid it.
  • And when it does increase, try to make small adjustments first.
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Reduce Video Noise in Post with Filters and Add-ons

  • When finished up eating your game, then you may have unwanted video noise in your picture.
  • You may be able to resize the image a little (sometimes more) using a filter or plugin. You can buy noise reduction plugin for common editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro. When you run this plugin on your image, you are likely to see some improvements.
  • That said, the results will not be as good as if you had taken a quiet video at first.


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