How To Take a Screenshot using Mouse Cursor

How To Take a Screenshot using Mouse Cursor

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Take a Screenshot using Mouse Cursor. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Take a Screenshot using Mouse Cursor

When you take a screenshot, you may want to have a mouse pointer, but most third-party screenshots (including Windows native options) keep the cursor. So I tested a few screenshots and discovered a couple that could help me take screenshots using the mouse cursor. Let’s look at them.

Applications to take Screenshots with Mouse

1. Recorder step

Step Recorder is a built-in help tool used to record the actions of a user on a computer. Once downloaded, the information can be sent to other users to help with troubleshooting. Anyway, we can take advantage of this app to take a screenshot with the mouse arrow.

  • Open the Start menu and find “Step Recorder” and open the app. Now you can see a small window with the option to “Start Recording”. Click on it.
  • Now move the Step Recorder window and move the cursor where you want to take a screenshot. The Step Recorder application only records your actions, so left-click with your mouse just as you open a link. That action will be recorded as a screenshot.
  • Then go back to the Step Recorder app and click on “Stop recording” option.
  • You can view the recorded steps and screenshots of it. Just click on save button to save the following steps as a zip file.
  • Open the zip file and open the MHTML file in it. Here you can find screenshots, right-click on the image and click the “save image as” option and save.

And that is, the image with the mouse cursor will be saved.

2. ShareX

Pin X is one of the most popular screenshot applications for Windows. Not only lets you take screenshots with mouse pointer, but also section screenshots or screenshots for specific windows, tabs, menus, etc. If you are already a ShareX user, this is how you can take screenshot with mouse using Share X..

  • Download the Share X application and open it.
  • Now click on the activity settings option.
  • You can see the Tasks settings window, select the “Capture” option. Here make sure that “Show cursor in Screenshots” is checked.
  • Now move the cursor when you want to take a screenshot and press ctrl + PrtSc, now you can move the mouse and select the partition you want to take a screenshot of. That is what the screenshot will take when you leave your mouse cursor.
  • Now you can open the Pin X application, preview the screenshot you want and then right-click on it and click “Download” option.

3. Greenshot

As the name implies, Greenshot is a screen application that captures screenshots with the mouse arrow by default. Among the remaining features in the list, the process of taking a screenshot with Greenshot is much easier and faster.

To begin,

  • download the Greenshot application and install it on your device. The hot button for taking a screenshot for this application is ctrl + PrtSc. If you have any shortcuts included with that hotkey button, this application will automatically overcome it.
  • Once recorded, just move the cursor to where you want to take the screenshot and press ctrl + PrtSc. The app will take a screenshot and show you a pop-up menu. You can move your cursor and click the “Save as” option to save the image directly
  • Or you can click on “Open in image editor” to preview and make some changes like cropping before saving the screenshot.

4. Irfan Wo

Irfan View is one of the most popular image viewer or converter app on windows. It is a feature rich application and also supports screenshot functionality. Here is how you can do that with Irfan View.

  • First, download the Irfan View application and install it on your Windows. Then find the application in the start menu and open it. The app will open with a blank black screen. Click on Options and select Capture / Picture.
  • In the pop-upup in the window that appears, select the option table area and make sure Hotkey is set to ctrl + F11. Click the start option at the bottom of the pop-up window.
  • Now move your cursor to where you want to take the screenshot and press the hotkey ctrl + F11. Irfan View app will pop up-up with a photo of your screenshot. You can press S and save the image to your device


Guide about How To Take a Screenshot using Mouse Cursor

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