How to transfer Gmail to iCloud

How to transfer Gmail to iCloud

So you need to delete your Gmail device in favor of Apple iCloud. Good resolution (though we’re just looking at a few explanations why you don’t want to take such drastic measures below).

Once you’ve determined that you no longer need to use your Gmail account, you can easily copy all of your current Google emails to your iCloud Mail folder. Once you’ve done this, you can ask Gmail to forward future email to your Apple email device. Below we clarify how.

How to copy your Gmail email to iCloud

1) First set up mail on your Mac, iPhone or iPad to settle your Gmail emails. This article explains how to set up your Apple Mail app for Gmail: How to set up mail.

2) If you have received folders in Gmail that you really want to replicate in iCloud, you want to set them up before copying your emails. How to create a new folder in the iCloud Mail part of your Mail app:

  • On a Mac, right-click iCloud (under Inbox) and choose New Mailbox. Select a reputation in your mailbox, e.g. B. the Gmail archive. The folder will later appear in the iCloud on the left.
  • On an iOS system, go to Mailboxes> Edit, then choose New Mailbox. Name the mailbox and select iCloud as the placement.

3) Now you may be able to copy the Gmail email you need to manage to the new folder in iCloud. It is best to copy relatively than drag and drop if an error occurs during the year. To copy the emails to Mail on a Mac, select the emails in the Gmail folder, right-click on them, and select Copy To, then set up the folder you just set up. To copy the emails on an iOS system, click Edit Faucet and select the emails you want to copy (or select all). Then select Move and select the folder you have set up. (You can copy the emails to your inbox if you don’t want a separate folder.)

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4) After your emails have been copied (attention, it may take some time if you have a large email account), you need to be able to safely remove Gmail from your email app.

  • On a Mac, go to Mail> Accounts, select the Gmail device, click the minus button, and make sure you really want to deactivate the account.
  • On an iOS system, go to Settings> Email> Accounts, open the Gmail account and select Delete Account.

At this level, you have checked the emails from your Gmail account in your iCloud account and may be able to remove them. Never open your Gmail account again. However, there is no doubt that some emails are likely to be sent to this account, which you do not have to miss.

You both want to change the email address to which these emails are likely to be sent (through your subscriptions and by contacting friends and colleagues) or, by far the easier way, to forward emails to Google Configure mail.

Set up email forwarding from Gmail to iCloud

Of course, you don’t have to check Gmail email again. You may have deleted this account for a long time in the past and it is now full of spam. In this case, you can just close Gmail’s account, which is a simple 1 When you log in to your account, scroll down to the “Account Settings” section and select “Delete Account or Services”.

However, if you want to forward the emails sent here, you want to do so:

1) Go to, click on the gear according to the settings and select the Forwarding and POP / IMAP tab.

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2) Enter your iCloud device when prompted to forward the device.

3) You will receive an email to confirm the permission. You should add a verification code before the email is forwarded. If you later find that you do not have to forward these emails in addition, click Remove address.

4) Now all emails sent to your Gmail account will likely be forwarded to your iCloud device.

Why don’t you have to quit Gmail?

If your only reason for combining your Gmail and iCloud accounts was that you had to open all of your emails from one place, it’s not mandatory to move your emails from one to another.

The easiest way to mix your two email addresses is to use Apple’s Mail app. You can enter this on a Mac or an iPhone or iPad. You can set up Mail so that all of your iCloud emails and Gmail appear in the app.

Both email accounts may even share the same inbox, and you set guidelines for filtering emails that are sent to each address. If this looks like it will really remove your disadvantage, read: Set up email on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

You may have another reason to flip your Gmail again. A colleague insisted on using an iCloud email device as an alternative to a Gmail device, as he was certain that Apple would not sniff its email and focus on ads for its content material while Google is understood to search your email for advertising features (however, if you pay to use the Google Apps for Work model, you shouldn’t).

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Alternatively, Apple prioritizes and brags about your privacy website that “all traffic between each email app you use and our iCloud mail servers is encrypted. Our iCloud servers support encryption during transmission with other email providers that support this. ”

Another reason for changing Gmail may be the undeniable fact that you, as the owner of a number of Apple devices, want to use iCloud email. However, as we confirmed above, transferring your Gmail account to your email app is extremely easy, and receiving Gmail is not completely different from receiving iCloud email. If you have an iCloud and a Gmail solution each, you’ll get more GB of free space in your email. We therefore recommend that you simply benefit from it.

We even have recommendations on how to stop spam in Mac Mail and a number of the best alternative mail options for Mac customers.

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