How To Turn Off Media Keys in Chrome

How To Turn Off Media Keys in Chrome

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How To Turn Off Media Keys in Chrome. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How To Turn Off Media Keys in Chrome

Modern versions of Google Chrome will display media controls when something is customized on your network from within the program. For example, off the chance of starting a video game on YouTube, a media playback control icon appears in the upper right corner. Clicking on it gives you more options such as what the video is about, and basic playback controls such as a game / stand and a skirt in front. feature.

Click on “Cast” button under the video in the lower right corner will give you options on the type of device you need to customize. By the way, you can undoubtedly remove Chromecast as well in Chrome. Removing playback controls is a comparative process to remove the flag that is covered in the system.

Activate media key control

  • This is new feature is integrated in Chrome 73 and will be made available with all previous updates. Them feature is enabled by default. To enable media key control in Chrome, you need to change a banner.
  • Open Chrome and paste the following in the URL tree. Tap Tap.

chrome: // flags

  • On the Chrome Flags page, find a banner called Media Hardware Button. You can use the search tool on the Banners page to search. Open it next to it and select Security from the menu. After changing the value of the banner, you will have to restart Chrome to use that change.
  • Use Reboot button on the banner page. When Chrome restarts, the media keys will no longer be interrupted by Chrome.
  • Media keys will then control other applications on your OS. Their behavior will vary depending on the OS you are using. If you are running Windows 10, the volume keys will change the system volume which, even with the active banner, is received by the OS. Games / pauses button will work with media players who have added support for example, Groove, Movies & TV, Spotify, Netflix, and so on.
  • If you are looking for a way to allow Chrome to import media keys and allow you to control media through your keyboard and disable the banner trick, you need to check and make sure a service is running on your OS. This function is “MediaSessionService” as described in the banner description. By default, this function should have run but may have stopped and forgotten, or a problem may have occurred that resulted in the function not working.
  • On macO, you can check the services running from the Service Monitor or, if you are comfortable with it, the Terminal. On Windows 10, you can find services.msc or use the Run box to open it, then find the “MediaSessionService” function.
  • If you are trying to play / pause media in Chrome via a Bluetooth headset, there is an extension that will allow you to do that.


Guide about How To Turn Off Media Keys in Chrome

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