How to uninstall Photos from macOS

How to uninstall Photos from macOS

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Guide: How to uninstall Photos from macOS

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How do I delete Photos for Mac?

You don’t delete Photos for Mac. No, just in case you have some understanding of some respect. Photos ship with Apple’s working system (Mac OS X and now macOS) with many different applications: iMovie, iTunes, and Safari, just to name a few. Photos are not just a standalone app. It has built-in hooks that run deep through the working system. In this sense, Photos is comparable to Calendar or Contacts. It is required by the system.

How to uninstall photos from macOS

What is that? You don’t care what we’re saying and you’re going to delete photos, right? Good positive. To remove Photos for Mac:

Delete photos for Mac: delete the application

You can’t say we didn’t warn you. Actually, it is very likely that someone will, so here it is one more time: Don’t delete Photos for Mac. In the next part, we will clarify what problems you can certainly encounter after deleting photos.

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If you still need to delete photos for Mac despite all our warnings, make sure you have a Time Machine backup for the inevitable reinstallation of OS X or macOS that you should have to do. Then look at these steps:

  1. Restart your Mac and disable SIP (System Integrity Protection).
  2. Open Terminal and enter sudo rm /Applications/
  3. Enter your administrator password.
  4. Restart your Mac and allow SIP one more time.

Now you have deleted a Mac with full photos. Let us know how you progress with the comments.

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Photo Deletion for Mac: Problems You May Face When Deleting Photos

It is causing problems for macOS or an application trying to enter Photos while trying to delete Photos. Therefore, we recommend that you do not try to delete photos on your Mac.

For example, when you click Photos button in Mail, the thumbnail photo viewer will probably be displayed. If you click Edit under Users and Groups, you may be able to select an image from Photos as your profile image. Unlike the web browser, you cannot change the link with an image application. Look at all times for the presence of photographs.

To that end, Apple makes it difficult for you to remove the Photos app. Try dragging the icon from the Applications folder to the trash (the standard simple way to delete an application, and you also get the message, “Photos” cannot be modified or deleted because it is required by macOS. “

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How to delete photos for Mac: decrease the effect of photos as a substitute

How to    delete photos for Mac: turn off Open in Photos

Instead of deleting Photos for Mac, it is better to decrease and ignore the effect on you. You will most likely need to prevent it from being displayed while joining an iPhone, iPad, or camera.

  1. Connect your system.
  2. Open photos (if they didn’t start routinely).
  3. Select the system under Import within the sidebar.
  4. Uncheck the blue check mark inside the field next to ‘Open photos for this system’.
  5. Close the photos (select Photos> Exit).
  6. Unplug your system.
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When you reconnect the system, the Photos app does not open routinely.

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Delete photos for Mac: delete all your photos

Delete photos for Mac: create a new library in Photos

Now that you’ve routinely prevented Photos from opening, you may have considered trying to restore it to its default state. You can do this by disconnecting the photo library (and deleting it when you don’t want the photos).

  1. Make sure the photos shouldn’t be working (select Photos> Exit if so).
  2. Hold down the Alt key and click Photos inside the Dock (or double-click the icon in Applications).
  3. Click Create New within the Choose Library folder.
  4. Give it a reputation, similar to “Empty Photo Library” and click OK.
  5. Stop Photos (select File> Stop Photos).

If you no longer need the outdated photo library, you can drag it to the trash. It is often referred to as a “Photo Library” and is located inside the Pictures folder (in your space folder). This is a big part of the Measurement of the Photos app so you can possibly keep the body empty for the app.

This is safer than trying to remove the main program.

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