How To Unlock iPhone When you Forgot Password

How To Unlock iPhone When you Forgot Password

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Guide: How To Unlock iPhone When you Forgot Password

You know how uncomfortable it is to forget your iPhone passcode if you have done so. All your contacts, pictures, social network accounts, and other personal information are safely stored within that lock screen – but you cannot access any of it.

Maybe you just reset the passcode and you may not remember what it was for your life. Maybe you have forgotten your passcode since you have not used it phone for a while. Whatever the case, Apple has made it easy to recover a lost iPhone (or iPad) passcode. Hopefully, it supports soon up your device, as you may lose some of your most recent data as a result of the operation.

You must first select a method to completely reset your smartphone before you can reset your passcode. Unfortunately, resetting your iPhone passcode if you have forgotten it generally requires this. As a result of the backup definition, there is no way to save your device data if you do not back up up first.

Also, make sure you have an Apple password linked to the Apple ID you logged on to phone before proceeding. His phone will restart from the start when you complete the configuration. However, to avoid Apple Service Lock, you will need your Apple ID and password as you go through the setup process.

Recovery Mode: Step 1

To get it phone to know that it will be configured without entering the passcode, you will need to insert it in Recovery Mode. This is a button combination used to make your computer work with it phone. Them button combination varies by design and model. Scroll down for specific instructions on your device.

iPhone 8 or Newer

What has changed a bit in regards is still one of the newer model iPhones that does not have a home button. You will need to use your computer just as you would with older models. Before connecting and following the options listed below, put your iPhone into recovery mode.

  • Do not plug it phone into your computer just yet. Long-press side button until phone will give you an allegation to force down. Drag the slider across the top of the screen and turn it off.
  • Click up volume, then volume down, then long-press side button again when plug it into your computer. Do not take all three buttons together, the value of buttons in each.

If you have done this regularly, your phone will resemble the screenshots above.

iPhone 7

If you have an iPhone 7 model, you can still reset your passcode, but it is a little different button total:

  • Plug in phone into your computer while pressing the volume down button. Keep waiting button until the recovery screen appears on the phone.

iPhone 6S or older

If you have an older iPhone model, you can still reset your passcode, but again, it is a little different button total:

  • Turn off your iPhone, plug it into your computer and hold it home button until phone displays the recovery mode screen.

Recovery Mode: Step 2

If you have not synced with iTunes or set up Find my iPhone in iCloud, recovery mode is the only option for restoring your device – a function that will erase the device and your passcode, allowing you to set a new one.

  • First, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. When your device is connected, force it to restart by holding down all three buttons (volume up, volume down, and wake / sleep).
  • You will be met with the option to Restore or Update. Select Restore. Your iPhone will then download the software for your device.
  • When the recording process is complete, you can set it up and use your device.

Method Alternative: Reset your passcode using iTunes

If you have already synced your device with iTunes, you can wipe your device and your passcode on the software. Just follow these steps:

  • Connect your device to the computer you are synchronizing with, and open iTunes (if you require a passcode, try another computer you are synchronized with. If this does not work, go to recovery mode.)
  • Wait for iTunes to sync your device and back it up. When synchronization and backup is complete, click Restore iPhone (or relevant device)
  • Select your device in iTunes. Take the most appropriate backup according to date and size
  • In the process of restoring your iOS device, you will reach the Set Up screen. Here, tap back from iTunes backup

Alternative Method: Factory Reset Remote Using iCloud

If you do not have yours phone with it, but also connected to wifi or cellular data, you can configure remotely. This will also work if you can not log in phone, even if you are with him. The only reason this will not work is if you have a 2FA system up and you cannot get the codes to it phone number on a file or other apple device.

  • Log in to iCloud and click “Find My iPhone.”
  • Click the device to configure.
  • Click ‘Erase iPhone.’

As long as your device is connected to the internet, it will automatically erase all your content and settings. Restart the phone, Log in to your Apple ID and set it up. You can choose to restore from iCloud or set it up up as a brand new device.

Setting up your iPhone passcode initially or When you know your passcode

When you first set up up your iPhone, you will be asked if you want to set up up a passcode. If you skip this step – or set up a passcode and change your mind about it later, you can set or configure later. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Head to Line up.
  • Scroll down until you see Touch ID and passcode.
  • Choose either Turn on passcode or Change passcode. The old will need to be easy to set up a new passcode, while the latter will require you to enter your current passcode before switching to a new one.

Easy. Until you forget your passcode and you have to clean the device and start a new one, in that case refer to the sections above.


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