How To Use Facebook’s Messenger Bots

How To Use Facebook’s Messenger Bots

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Guide: How To Use Facebook’s Messenger Bots

Facebook thinks it knows what the future of mobile computing is and, surprise, surprise, apparently it looks a lot like Messenger.

Finally, Facebook introduced bots for Facebook Messenger. There is a long-standing rumor about Facebook Messenger bots. Finally, Facebook released Bots APIs for developers. You can use these bots to talk to a business and get services like weather reports, news, movie tickets, and many others. Directly in your Messenger chat. Go ahead and learn how to use Facebook Messenger Bots right now. The long-awaited ‘Bot Platform’ was introduced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the opening day of the F8 developer conference, and the company hopes it will change the way we all use the web better.

But do they work? The platform is currently in the beta stage and only works with a few US-based companies, however, it is already possible to test a little what this technology can do.

What is good about a bot for you?


People who are not familiar with bots find it difficult to learn about some of the great benefits of bots. Through the use of bots by numerous companies, you will be able to order their products within the Messenger application. You will be able to book bus tickets online using the Redbus bot if available. There are many options available for Facebook Messenger bots.

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As a user finalAre you curious how these bots work? Here “Trickbugs” will explain it.

To learn How to Find a bot?

If you’re scratching your head wondering what bots look like on Facebook and how they work, calm down. These are easy bots dedicated to a particular service, and you can use them right now.

However, in the meantime, they are somewhat confusing and unintuitive. Many times the bots do not understand what to do and you end up up struggling to finish any job.

To make things easier for you, I personally tested the Facebook Messenger bots. I started with Facebook’s own F8 bot. You can possibly access it through the By visiting this URL in your phone, you will be asked to choose Messenger or Fb app to continue.

The Wall Road Journal

The WSJ is one of the few media organizations that already uses bots.

Going to the Magazine Facebook pageor visiting your chatbot page directly, you can receive updates on news, information and financial markets.

I selected Messenger and here are the screenshots of my chat with F8 Messenger Bot.


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