How To Use FaceTime To Watch Movies & Share Screen

How To Use FaceTime To Watch Movies & Share Screen

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Guide: How To Use FaceTime To Watch Movies & Share Screen

FaceTime’s SharePlay feature allows iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to watch movies and share a screen while using an app or browsing the web.

Apple’s SharePlay is a FaceTime function that allows iPhone users to view movies and share their displays with other people on the call. It’s a wonderful method to spend time with friends and family when they are separated by distance but not by feelings. It’s also a lot easier to demonstrate someone how to find an option or alter anything on their iPhone using screen sharing.

FaceTime was first released by Apple in 2010, barely three years after the first iPhone, and it has since become an essential feature of Apple’s software for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac. FaceTime has even acquired a position in modern culture, with the act of FaceTiming someone being almost as well-known as Googling information or Photoshopping an image. It’s especially widespread in the United States, where Apple makes over half of the phones in use.

Using the SharePlay control in the FaceTime programme, you can share your screen while using an iPhone. During a FaceTime connection, tap the screen to show more controls, then tap the SharePlay icon, which looks like a person in front of a computer screen. When you tap ‘Share My Screen,’ a three-second countdown begins until the iPhone’s screen shows for people using FaceTime. This gives you a few moments to switch to the app, webpage, or document you want to see. Like a selfie shot, the iPhone screen will appear on the other participants’ displays as another window that may be resized and enlarged. The controls can be accessed by the user.

How To Share TV And Movies With FaceTime

SharePlay can share the iPhone’s screen and also provides a way to watch streaming movies or TV shows together, like a watch party that happens over a distance. SharePlay will allow sharing streaming content from Apple TV, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Twitch, and TikTok. It’s important to note that YouTube and Netflix do not support SharePlay and Apple warns that some services might require each viewer to have a subscription in order to watch content via a FaceTime call. iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, and the latest version of macOS Monterey are also required to access SharePlay on an iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

By starting a FaceTime call, then switching to a streaming app, and playing a video, an option will appear allowing the use of SharePlay to watch along with others in the FaceTime call. Any member of a FaceTime call can pause and resume the video, allowing commentary without missing any important scenes. Faces still appear in windows and voices are blended with any audio playing, so laughing at funny moments or gasps at a horrific scene will come through and result in a feeling of watching with others.

While Apple opened FaceTime up to Android and Windows with its browser-based viewer, SharePlay isn’t available when joining a call via a link. For iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, however, FaceTime’s SharePlay controls make it easy to share movies, TV shows, and an iPhone’s screen with others with an Apple device, and even if separated by many miles.


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