How to Use iOS 15’s New Privacy Settings

How to Use iOS 15’s New Privacy Settings

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Guide: How you can Use iOS 15’s New Privacy Settings

Apple’s iOS 15 includes four new privacy features. Though the update has been in the works for a while, Apple users were finally able to experience iOS 15 when it went live on September 20. The newest version of iOS includes many exciting features, including some devoted to privacy.

Once users update their iPhones to iOS 15, they can protect their email, sign up for a privacy report, and privately browse the internet with two new settings. The App Privacy Report isn’t available until the iOS 15 update. However, users can add the feature now, so it’s ready when the program comes online.

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature will stop marketers from being able to see if a user has received or opened their email and if they’ve clicked on any of the links. The program will also prevent them from accessing a person’s IP address. The iOS 15’s second new feature, the App Privacy Report, will show permissions for apps and what they are accessing, like the phone’s camera or microphone. iOS 15 also gives users ways to hide their web searches, with private browsing mode on Safari and iCloud+ Private Relay. The former deletes browsing history and doesn’t save auto-fill information once a tab is closed. The latter encrypts data. This feature only works on Safari.

How Do The New IOS 15 Privacy Settings Work?

Before trying out the new privacy features, the iPhone has to be updated by going to Settings > General > Software Update. As Forbes notes, the first time a user goes to their email after updating their phone, they will be given the option to “Protect Mail Activity.” If they forget to select this option, they can go into their settings to activate this protection later. In settings, go to Mail > Mail Privacy Protection, then turn on Protect Mail Activity. The App Privacy Report can also be turned on in iPhone settings. Once there, go to Privacy, scroll to the bottom, and switch to Record App Activity. This will enable the phone to record a report of seven days. Then, users can send it to themselves to review. While there isn’t an interface to read the information on the phone yet, it can be downloaded and pasted into a text editor on the iPhone or on a computer to read it. The user interface will be available on a later version of iOS 15.

The new iOS 15 also allows for privacy while searching the internet. As 9to5 Mac explains, to turn on private browsing, open Safari, press and hold the two-square icon on the bottom right corner, then choose “New Private Tab.” Users will know they’re in private browsing mode when the search bar turns dark. Private mode can be turned off by following the same steps. Next, iCloud Private Relay can be turned on through settings. Go to Your Name > iCloud > Private Relay, then toggle to turn Private Relay on or off. Users can also choose to change their location to “Use Country and Time Zone” or keep it on the default of “Maintain General Location.” The one downside to the iCloud Private Relay is it slows down the internet speed. Therefore, users may not want to have it on all the time.


Guide about How you can Use iOS 15’s New Privacy Settings

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