How To Use Medical ID on an iPhone

How To Use Medical ID on an iPhone

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Guide: How To Use Medical ID on an iPhone

The Medical ID feature on your iPhone can save your life. It stores important medical information about you that can be used in an emergency, including a list of your emergency contacts. But if you do not take a few minutes to set up Your medical ID, not valid at all. Everything you need to know is here, including how to find Medical ID on someone else’s iPhone in case of emergency.

You can set up “Medical ID” in the Health app on your iPhone, which allows first responders to collect important information about illnesses, medications or allergies you have picked up. You can also set up emergency contact in your doctor’s card.

Medical ID iPhone Setup

  • First, open the Health application.
  • Then click on your profile picture in the upper right.
  • Tap the medical ID.
  • Tap Edit in the upper right corner.

On the next screen you have a lot of information (options) to fill in: medical conditions, allergies, medications, and so on. You can choose to have access to this information while phone is locked or not, but it is possible. If an emergency contact really needs this information, they may not be able to access yours phone.

Fill in everything you think can help. It is especially important to fill in any allergens, medications you take regularly, or special medical conditions that may affect the way the paramedic treats you. Your Emergency Contact can be automatically contacted (including your location) if you use your iPhone SOS Emergency feature, but it also lets people know who they should call if something bad happens to you.


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